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Author Garden Day - UPDATE 14/11/09 All Done For Winter

Registered: 27th Oct 07
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   20th Oct 09 at 21:17   View User's Profile U2U Member Reply With Quote

As i have seen many pictures of peoples gardens, and their progress.
I thought it was only fair that i put in my 2 Pence worth and post a few pics of our starter Patch .

Front Garden starts like this.

Last November i moved in and my car was put off road Well Sort of.

Then After about 4 months with the car off the road and me taking it up and down a couple times a month. I then had a flat battery. Expected it really.

Then: Something disappeared

Can You see what it is yet

The car got M.O.T'd and it was still cold so i left the garden but It Still needed to be leveled out. so i waited for the sun.

I then contracted .. errrm.. Oh yea *Myself* to do the hard stuff.

All Leveled and grass seed down

And now it looks like this.
Still needs work as the sun doesn't hit the grass next to the path and the house so i might put something else there.

On the other side of the path is just our Bins.
It was over grown a lot more than the grass but i pulled that all out and Im awaiting arrival on some cheap FREE slabs for that area.

Rear Garden Is a MESS...
When we had a massive clear out we chucked everything into the back garden as that area was going to be the last place to get sorted.
We didnt need to worry about the kids as there is a big field just out the front so they can play there at the moment.

  • The shed..Is A SHED
  • The Concrete Needs Re-Doing
  • Needs Leveling
  • New Fences
  • General Tidy

    The shed has been here for about 35 Years it seems says our neighbor. so its done well.

    The only thing i will be doing in the back garden is, tidying it up as its not ours.

    I would Landscape it all but it's not worth the money as we dont plan on staying here for too long.
    If Plans change then i will concider the landscaping


    Sorry for the poor photos


    [Edited on 14-11-2009 by 16vKarlos]
  • jungle

    Registered: 22nd Nov 07
    Location: methilhill,fife
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    21st Oct 09 at 08:03   View User's Profile U2U Member Reply With Quote

    looks miles better than my garden

    Registered: 27th Oct 07
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    21st Oct 09 at 09:54   View User's Profile U2U Member Reply With Quote

    It's a Sh*thole isn't it


    Registered: 22nd Nov 07
    Location: methilhill,fife
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    am getting there mega slowly with ours like

    Registered: 27th Oct 07
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    25th Oct 09 at 13:17   View User's Profile U2U Member Reply With Quote

    Small Update. 25.10.09

    We are getting the ramp to the rear garden taken out, this means we will be able to Re-locate the shed. Possibly a new shed will take it's place. The shed will re-locate to the bottom left hand side of the garden.

    We may be moving from here to Sutton soon, but this involves Mutual Exchange.

    The reason for this, is due to me being in the process of joining the R.A.F. and not having Any relatives around. the closest place to here is Wallington (sutton).

    House Moving Decision Depending, We may Re-do the fence, and Deck the area directly outside the door. Likes AK's Garden.

    more pics coming soon.


    [Edited on 25-10-2009 by 16vKarlos]

    Registered: 27th Oct 07
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    1st Nov 09 at 14:52   View User's Profile U2U Member Reply With Quote

    Big Update.


    Well upon realising that the girls beds may not fit into the Person We are swapping with's house, we decided that we needed to have another look.

    Rather than look we called and asked for measurements and they are not that promising to be fair.


    Rather than wait 2 weeks for the company to come and take out the ramp, I called to ask if I they would dispose of the hard core and waste I don’t need, If I were to take the ramp out myself

    I was told that they would take the waste away. COOL.. The fun begins.

    *** I knew that the ramp was not solid so therefore I didn’t bother getting a Sledge hammer or a Pick Axe as I was only going to take the concreted ramp out.

    **I used a small Brick layers hammer + a Rubber mallet for the external Bricks.

  • As seen Above the rear was like this

  • Tuesday Afternoon… Ended Like this

  • Lifted the good slabs, (Can use them out the front)

  • Before I started Smashing

  • Couple of Pics of me breaking the concrete Gradually.

  • Then a Bit of Cracking, Some Came Off

  • Then I Lifted the rest.. Bloody Heavy

  • Piled The Rubble

  • Standing In The Ramps Place

  • Wednesday

    After all of my thinking and drawing on paper.
    I decided to take all of the hardcore out.
    ( Pictures to show plans Either Later or Tomorrow)

  • Before I Started / How I Left It The Night Before

  • Then Work Began - This Time With Some Little Helpers

  • Swept

    I Knew I Needed A Pick Axe But Focus, B&Q + Wickes all didn’t have them, So I asked around

    In the mean Time I Bought a Sledge Hammer

    Not much progress as you will see but it did loosen up most of the top rocks & other Concrete.

  • My son was Dying to use the Sledge hammer.. Precautions were taken and I let him try.

  • I also managed to rope my Brother In-law Into a Bit of ANGER MANAGEMENT.


  • Thursday & Friday We were In Sutton.

    Friday Evening We got back & I had A Pick Axe Waiting To Get Used

  • The Outcome

  • Saturday

  • This Morning

  • That Is As Far As The Garden Goes At The Moment, I Will SOON hopefully be getting hold of a rotorvator for the garden.


  • Also Upon Recent Talking with My Neighbours To My Left (At the Front) Or to the Right (From Rear) Both want to get their Fences Done Next Year, They Are Both OWNERS and are Going to Do Their Left Hand Sides So I Said I Would Do Ours At The Same Time.

  • Little Look At Their Gardens

    The Garden at the Top Of this picture Is getting Lots of Treatment at the moment for all of the bushes and brambles GETTING KILLED OFF!


  • 16vKarlos

    Registered: 27th Oct 07
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    14th Nov 09 at 13:34   View User's Profile U2U Member Reply With Quote

    Last Update For The Year

    Update 14.11.09

    Recently I have been fairly busy in the garden.

    Things that have been done

  • Sorted Mud + Clay From Rocks
  • Rocks Were Collected
  • Fence fixed
  • Old Fences Knocked Down
  • Two Trees Cut Down
  • Tidied For Winter

    Firstly Sorted Rocks + Rubble from clay and mud

  • Day 1

  • Taken To the Front For a Collector
  • He Asked If I Had More, And wanted to come back for the rest

  • Was Left with this

  • Day 2

  • More Separating. All Done In The Rain

  • Was Left with this.

    These Two Fence’s (See Below) Were leaning toward my next door neighbours garden.
    Being that She is blind, I asked if it would be ok to take a fence panel out so that I could access her garden
    and make the fences safe.
    She was Thankful and told me to do whatever I needed to do and that she would keep her dog Inside.

  • Took Our Really Old Fences Out

  • Took Next Doors Panel out, It Had One Screw Holding It The The Fence On The Wall

  • The Fence Post was not dug into the ground, so I built up around it for a temporary measure.

  • Rebuilt The Fence

  • Next, I cut two tree’s down. We now have more space in the garden, and its a lot lighter.

  • The one on the left and the one down the bottom of the garden.

    All chopped up and ready for next year now.
    I am leaving the mud where it is at the moment and I shall cultivate next year too.,

  • How I Left The Garden For The Winter

    Thanks For Reading


    P.S. Will Update Next Year.

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