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Author Corsa Sport at Performance Vauxhall Show Santa Pod 2017
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Corsa Sport Stand @ Performance Vauxhall Show , Santa Pod, 11th June 2017

Its that time of the year Ladies and Gents,

The Performance Vauxhall Show (PVS) is being held this year on Sunday 11th June 2017 at Santa Pod Raceway, which is near Northampton and Corsa Sport will be there as always!

2017 continues the theme of the 'classic' one day show at Santa Pod!

Imagine if you will, green fields (dry hopefully), black tarmac, Vauxhalls from all walks of life and one of Europe's most famous 1/4 mile strips slap bang in the middle! thats PVS basically, this is your chance to turn up, show off your motor be it on our amazing stand or on the strip. To sweetern the deal Corsa Sport will also provide its world famous member facilities. This is the single biggest gathering of Corsas for Corsa Sport so don't miss out!

To show your car on the stand you need to bring a Corsa B, Corsa C, Corsa D, or Corsa E.

You may be asking yourself why you should be showing with Corsa Sport? Well here is a few reasons why....

  • CS has been showing with PVS for over 10 years so we know a thing or two about the show and how to organise a stand

  • CS provide shelter if it rains or even if its too sunny, never be left in the rain again or stuck in your car trying to keep dry!

  • CS provide seating, tables, free food and drink for you all day.


ALL TICKET SALES are done through a new website, click me here and enter how many tickets you want.

You will be asked to select the club you belong to (Corsa Sport) and asked for the Club password which is 333.121 this year - it should look like this:

When you enter our club and password you will be entitled to one show pass per ticket, and we (Corsa Sport) are allocated the space for your car to show with us.

Kelsey Publishing with deal with all ticket sales, payment, postage and enquiries, if you have any questions about the club, the stand then holla at me


  • Club Show Entry Ticket - 16
  • Club Weekend Ticket - 23 - includes entry and Saturday night camping

YOU MUST REMEMBER to order a show pass with your order if you wish to show on the stand, I can no longer get hold of extra passes. its bullshit.


Camping will only be open on the Saturday night. There is no camping on Friday or Sunday night - This is a great chance to meet your buddies before the event, have a few beers and perhaps burn a sausage or two? Camping passes can be purchased with the tickets.


The ticket deadline for clubs is listed as Friday 5th May 2017, however last year the organisers ran out of space so please order your tickets as early as possible otherwise you will face disappointment

All members can show!

The stand will only be showing Corsas, to get onto the stand you all you need to do is buy a ticket from the link above and then post in this thread to let me know you are coming.

Now what?

Go to and order your tickets


Q: Is my car good enough to show?
A: Yes

Q: Can my mate with his wicked corsa show on the stand? He isn't a member.
A: Sure thing, helps if he's registered on the forum but you can buy tickets on behalf of your friends!

Q: Have you got my money yet?
A: All ticket money goes direct to Kelsey Publishing, ask them!

Q: When will I get my tickets?
A: Tickets will come straight from the organisers to your door, I expect the tickets to arrive a week before the show.

Q: is it only Corsa Bs?
A: No, Corsa Bs, Corsa Cs, Corsa Ds and Corsa Es are allowed on the stand. Anything else needs permission from either myself or Ian, which will normally be declined to keep the Corsa vibe strong.

Q: I don't fancy coming cause I don't know anyone
A: We are a friendly bunch so don't be scared! If all else fails go to a Corsa Sport meet local to you and get to know some faces!

Q: I don't like camping, can I turn up on Sunday morning?
A: Sure, but you need to be there early! Like early enough to piss off your mates/girlfriend.

FB Event - Join! -

Problems? questions? Pics? U2U me and I'll be happy to help.



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this is good news
not going to buy tickets yet in case i'm not driving buy then
don't forget VBOA looking like that will be better show than ever this year

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