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Author Will this work?

Registered: 30th Jan 04
Location: Troon
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4th Dec 04 at 23:55   View User's Profile U2U Member Reply With Quote

Hey guys i got a headunit with only 2 pre outs but i want to run 3 amps. Question 1. If both subs are the same and both amps are the same will they both play together properly? Question 2. Can i run both amps off the same power cable? Question 3. Can i buy something to split my phono cables to allow the same pre out to run to both amps? Cheers folks

Registered: 13th Sep 03
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5th Dec 04 at 11:33   View User's Profile U2U Member Reply With Quote

if you have two preouts, then you will have a front and back set. If one of the amps has an output, then i would use the back set of preouts from your HU into one amp (with the outputs) and then into the other, as the quality will be the same - whereas using a splitter will cause the HU more stress (has to up the output current etc etc).

If your amp doesnt have an output, then yea you will have to use a splitter.

And yes, the subs will work fine, aslong as there recieving the same signal and that they are set up correctly (same gains etc etc)


p.s - if you have 3 amps (two for the subs and one for the front comps?) then make sure that you use the correct preouts from the headunit ie: the back preout goes to the subs and the front preout goes to the amp for the comps etc

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