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Author Heater Control Bulb Replacement For '98-On Corsa B

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WARNING - This script will probably be quite long!

After hours of confusion, reading a Haynes manual and lots of cuts and blood, i have managed to work out where the bulbs go in heater control unit for a '98 sport.

If u read cobra's guide in the tutorial section he explains how it is done for pre-98 models but the heater control unit seems to change after this and the bulbs are not replaced from the back of the unit.

(Cobra's Guide - )

For the '98 and later models the bulbs are placed between the front black facia and the plastic white section which can be seen from the back of the unit.
To get to the bulbs FIRST take off the 3 heater knobs. I did it later and found it a lot hard to take off. Please be careful taking these off as i also broke 2 of my heat knobs and now they just fall off!

Now follow cobra's guide to removing the heater control unit (use the link). Once the unit is free, position the mfd unit so it is out of the way. Now tilt the unit forward unit the air vent hosing is free (this is the big black plastic tubing behind the heater vents). Now unclip the hosing. There should be 3 clips on the top and 2 underneath prise the clips with a flat blade screw driver, but be careful not to break them. Once this is out, move it out the way (the hosing cannot be taken out as it is held down by wires, which is connected to the hazard switch, unless u decide to disconnect it)

The black plastic facia should now feel loose. To remove it completely you must lift up the area above the heater speed control (as there is another clip there, but by slightly lifting the black plastic it should become free). Do this by placing your hand behind the unit and lifting it up a little. This should now free the front black facia.

Now u should be able to see 2 bulbs that are connected to the centre heater control. Remove these 2 bulbs by pulling on them, but be careful as they are VERY tightly fitted. I managed to smash mine whilst in the bulb holder! if u do this then get a small flat blade screw driver (like a tester) and clean the bulb holder out. The new bulbs now go in there by pushing them in.

Now you must refit everything and this is the opposite to removal.

This took me alot of time to do and i had to be very patient, but good luck to those who attempt it.

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