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Author Heater Control Bulb Replacement

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Guide to Heater Control Bulb Replacement

You will need a flat bladed screwdriver, a cross head (Phillips) screwdriver and a pair of long nosed pliers might come in useful.

Firstly, face both centre air vents fully downwards to the stop position. Now place the palm of your hand firmly against the vent and push it inward while also pushing downward. You will find that the vent will now go past the stop position, allowing you access to the screw behind it. Do this with both centre vents.

Now pull the knob off the air recirculation slider control, this is the sliding control beneath the three heater knobs. Then, gently prise out the long panel directly behind the knob. Place a flat bladed screwdriver in one end and gently lever it out of position.

Undo the four screws, taking care not to drop them into the ventilation system.
The Haynes manual says to remove the heater control knobs now, but you do not need to remove the knobs to change the heater illumination. The knobs only need removing if you want to change the bulb in the heated rear window or air conditioning switch itself.

Now with the four screws removed, lift the multi function display housing and place it slightly to the left and sit it on top of the dashboard, this will give you a bit more room to move.

Now hold the complete panel and gently ease it away from the dash. It will be a tight fit, but with a bit of effort it will come out. Ease the panel toward you until the large black ventilation pipe on the back clears the space where the multi function display sat. The panel will not come right out as it is held in place by the heater control cables, although it will come out enough for you to get at the bulbs. If you feel you need more room, gently unclip the control cables but remember where they go back.

The back of the panel is mostly white plastic, the bulbs are held in a black bulb holder immediately behind the heater knobs. Remove the bulb holder by releasing a clip at each end, the clips just push inwards to release. There is a snap type clip in the middle that need releasing too, a flat blade screwdriver will do this fine. Remove the bulb holder and change all three bulbs. Don’t just change one, ‘cos you can guarantee another one will blow when its re fitted.
Now clip the bulb holder back into place and snap the centre clip back into position. Before replacing the panel, check to ensure the new bulbs are working.

Now the panel can be replaced. Gently ease it back into position, a bit of persuasion might be needed but it will go back in. Replace the multi function display back into position and replace the four screws, be careful not to drop the top two down the vent.

The two heater vents just need to be pushed in and up to return to their original position, the slider control panel just snaps back into place. Replace the slider knob and job done, sit back and admire your illuminated fascia.

Note: I’ve done the above on three cars with no problems, however, my own car (’98 sport) has a totally different circuit on the rear of the panel and I couldn’t figure out how to remove the bulbs. Vauxhall want £50 to do this…just to replace a 64p bulb.

Good Luck.

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