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posted on 2nd Feb 12 at 11:36

Eh? Why?


posted on 2nd Feb 12 at 10:11

I think he should be keeping stuff like that private :|


posted on 2nd Feb 12 at 10:03

Connect to pow :lol:


posted on 2nd Feb 12 at 09:42

No-IP is the tits for simple things like that. I use No-IP and RealVNC to remote support my Grandma. She has a shortcut on her Desktop to 'Connect to pow' and it start the No-IP client, updates the IP address and start the VNC service. Port 5900 forwarded on her router I just type in her no-ip address into VNC viewer.


posted on 1st Feb 12 at 17:41

I did the ddns on the router. it's a d-link and had the option to use

thanks for the help :)


posted on 1st Feb 12 at 15:27

Just setup DDNS on the router then portforward to the CCTV DVR or server on which ever port the web service uses.

Ref the domian just create a sub domain and point it to your DDNS.


posted on 1st Feb 12 at 14:27

I just use afraid dns.

They provide with a simple script to run your end which updates the IP for the domain when it changes.

It's free.


posted on 1st Feb 12 at 13:24

Wrote a little app that updated my cPanel static DNS records (via it's API), but ended up moving my DNS to Hurricane Electric which allows simple HTTP requests (just have a scheduled batch script running to update every 15mins or so) to update dynamic records.

[Edited on 01-02-2012 by Dom]


posted on 1st Feb 12 at 11:10

Yeah I think existing accounts are still free as long as they are active (although whether they'll change this policy to force you to pay for it soon I couldn't say).


posted on 1st Feb 12 at 10:47

They only offer 30-day trails now;


posted on 1st Feb 12 at 10:34

Just had a look, there's free and there are pro accounts now. Free gives you basic DNS management, i.e. you can have your * domain name that points to your router just as it did before.


posted on 1st Feb 12 at 10:27

I'm still using it for free and it's working fine.

Must just be new accounts.


posted on 1st Feb 12 at 10:24

Huh, I'm using DynDns and I'm not paying for it?


posted on 1st Feb 12 at 10:19

Didn't know DynDNS was no longer free, probably why my Grandad's CCTV no longer works online.

The way I set his up (probably a very similar setup) was to port forward the required ports (e.g. 8080 and a couple others for mobile use).

Setup the DynDNS details in the router (BT router, as John said there should be an option in most routers now), this is so every time the router IP changes, it updates DynDNS (saves having the PHP script Ian mentioned).

That worked the first time, then he upgraded his router to the latest HomeHub which messed everything up and I had to set the internal IP of the CCTV unit to have all external traffic (i.e. if I visit to pass directly to the CCTV unit.


posted on 1st Feb 12 at 09:56

I dunno, I was a bit pissed off about that because the Sky router only lets you use DynDNS so this meant I had to go with No-IP and install their software on the XP box.


posted on 1st Feb 12 at 09:53

When did they change that?


posted on 1st Feb 12 at 09:48

I would recommend No-IP, as DynDNS is no longer free (whereas No-IP is).

I use No-IP (used to use DynDNS when it was free) for my XP box which runs a FileZilla FTP server at home.

Edit: I've also done what Ed has mentioned about the CNAME thing, works pretty well and the No-IP updater software runs in XP without it having to be logged in.

[Edited on 01-02-2012 by Sam]


posted on 1st Feb 12 at 09:02

If you CNAME to then you'll get what you want.

I'm using Dyn to connect to my network at home remotely - seems to do the trick. Broadband is provided by Sky but my router is a Netgear DG834G which isn't the one that they give you, but the DG834GT which they used to give out supported dynamic DNS anyway.


posted on 1st Feb 12 at 08:51

Just have dyndns running either on the router if it supports it (standard sky ones you get now do support) or the client running on the PC.

You'll then be able to point towards the dyndns address.

[Edited on 01-02-2012 by John]


posted on 1st Feb 12 at 01:52

Set up the subdomain to a folder in the hosting.

Give the folder an FTP account.

FTP a PHP file which has a Location: header in it periodically, the contents of which are written using the response from a query to said web server.

Needs -

PHP file to reveal IP, easy

Something on the computer to make that request, store the result and FTP it up there.

Wondering whether it could be all done when you visit instead of having to poll it inside the local network.


posted on 1st Feb 12 at 00:58

Anyone got any experience setting up your own dynamic dns setup.

Basically, I've installed a cctv setup on my parents farm that has the ability to view and control the cameras over the internet. it needs a static ip, but as they are contracted into sky and sky don't do static ips I want to setup the ddns

I have a server that my websites are on and would like to have to access the cameras.

I have a windows pc available to be on all the time and connected to the network and i'd like to put the ddns software on that.
any help with which one to choose and how best to set it up