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posted on 22nd Jul 11 at 11:45

Too late now but it depends where you're going. If in Europe you're probs looking at around 10-20 for the week as the 'boosters' most sell are about 5 and last a day or 2 of normal usage. Just been to Tenerife and used the hotel's wifi - most will have it in reception area and bars etc also offer it free.


posted on 22nd Jul 11 at 09:39

Or just tell her to trust you, give her a phone call once in a while and that'll be that?


posted on 22nd Jul 11 at 09:03

Mr Nismo speaks sense on this. Just use what you would have spent on roaming charges to buy some flowers when you get back.


posted on 22nd Jul 11 at 08:58

Id just not bother with any data and bone some other bird, 3 helmet bags for 2 euro's sounds cheaper to me :look:


posted on 22nd Jul 11 at 07:09

I would just turned it one for an hour or two a day at set times or it will cost a fortune. Most hotels aboard though do come with free WiFi

Tommy L

posted on 21st Jul 11 at 22:31

Vodafone give me 25mb free a day abroad. After that it was something stupid like 1 per mb. Thankfully never got close the 25mb.

Basically, it's ridiculously expensive. Hope this helps x


posted on 21st Jul 11 at 18:17

Do an experiment.

Reset your usage stats and then use it as you plan to use it abroad and see how much data you have used.

Then compare that figure to your networks costs for roaming data.


posted on 21st Jul 11 at 17:54

I can't be bothered searching for wifi though and phone will be staying in the room all day and night anyway. Just thought someone would have a rough idea on how much it would cost.


posted on 21st Jul 11 at 17:50

Try and find somewhere with WiFi? Can WhatsApp and Skype to your delight then :)

Some networks let you buy international data in advance for less for when you go away.


posted on 21st Jul 11 at 17:46

When i went to spain in june if i tried to access the net i had to do something to activate it but it was something like 1 for 3mb of data if i did.


posted on 21st Jul 11 at 17:43

Going away tomoz and the mrs can't text coz her phone bill is already way over so have been using whatsapp instead of texts. If I leave data roaming on but turn off emails and all that bollocks and don't go on Facebook is it likely to cost a fortune or will it not be too bad if I use whatsapp for an hour or so at a time?

Already had a 150 phone bill from going away last month so could do without another big one, but I just want to speak to my girlfriend to re-assure her I haven't boned anything yet.