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posted on 8th Nov 17 at 17:46

You need ig switched live to the door and also the passenger side supply travels back over.

If you've got the 1.6 loom I would think you'd get enough out of that, won't be the full loom unless you're also taking the central locking.


posted on 7th Nov 17 at 19:53

I did it on mine. I can't remember how have a look in my project thread!

It was a lot of work but the car didn't have leccy windows originally.

Jed D

posted on 31st Aug 17 at 17:41

mite be wasting my time posting here but thought it worth a bash, some of you may of done this and found an easy enough way... im just gathering views before i crack on (in no rush with this car)

iv got a 1.0ltr bobby basic corsa b... plan will be too eventually v6 it when iv finished the other one, but this time for a lessser road toy.

iv only got the two speaker wires on the current dash loom but iv got the rev clock from a 1.0l club model and i know its working on that loom (ironically only 2300 more miles on them too) so changing dash looms not really an option. iv tried 1.0l 12v rev clocks on a sport dash in the past and they dont seem to like it.
however if what i 100% defiantly need is only found on a 1.6 dash loom thats fine cos i have that spare somewhere too.
also have full doors from a sport including the loom...

iv read the 'how toos' section on this and it doesn't really cover a way around it other than changing the dash loom but iv heard off some people i can just run a switched ignition live in and a earth back out into the cab simple

anyone care too help, im not the best with electrics by the way


im not fussed on central locking or any of that faff