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posted on 30th Dec 05 at 02:26

Thats probably why - bulbs don't really like being handled.

On the drivers side you may find it easier to remove the inlet pipe, just use a big screwdriver on the plastic screw which is circled, turn quarter of one full rotation then lift the pipe out, it snaps in to the airbox, you'll see how when you remove it.

[Edited on 30-12-2005 by Ian]


posted on 30th Dec 05 at 01:54

ah ok then, i'll check 2moro when there's light, funny thing is, i supposedly got the whole headlight unit replaced in sept, and now the side light blown. ah well



posted on 30th Dec 05 at 01:37

Ok, your first investment should be a Haynes manual - has everything you need to know in there for your corsa.

Can't remember which bulb you need, but its simply a case of looking on the back of the headlight, you'll see the main beam bulb in the centre of a rubber boot thing. Now to the side of this should be another connector going into the headlight. If you grab this, turn it through 90 degrees anticlockwise, you should be able to pull it out. This will be the bulb holder and bulb.

Remove old bulb, fit new one, takin care to avoid touching the bulb as it can shorten their life.

Insert holder back into headlight, turn clockwise until it's locked fimly back in place, and jobs a gooden.

Think that's it, goin off memory here. :thumbs:


posted on 30th Dec 05 at 01:02

hey guys, well first off i'm a complete newbie when it comes to cars.

ok now. the side light of the headlights on the driver side has gone so i think i need to replace this, does anyone know what type i need to get?? And also how do you go about changing this??