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posted on 21st Jun 05 at 09:17

i have had this but also have pinking when changing gear is this related? :boggle:

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posted on 20th Jun 05 at 23:30


I bought a new set of spark plugs today and a new GM Air Flow Meter at 140 quid. Fitted the plugs and the new AFM today and havent had any flat spots of chugging at traffic lights so far.......fingers crossed it will remain this way!

Your problems could be something else, just letting you know that 145 cured mine at the moment!


posted on 10th Jun 05 at 13:13

Its poo really, cos u can get 15yr old XE AFM's that actually look half decent and still work! The 1.2 16v ecotec AFM's look like a kids flaming toy and they fcuk up in 5mins! It is annoying that its a common fault on alot of these engines yet vauxhall will not recal them, might ring them up and find out why.

Not sure where else u can get the latest software programmed other than Vaux??? Plus the wiring mod.


posted on 10th Jun 05 at 01:10

looks like im gonna have to get that done, not at vaux tho ! no chance - how much do you reccon it would cost ? surley not 600 ? might aswell get A 1.6 SPORT ENGINE FITTED INSTEAD


posted on 4th Jun 05 at 16:45

Jesus, i bet thats nearing 600 quid or more to have done at Vaux?


posted on 3rd Jun 05 at 16:37

Well theres another person to add to the list :lol:

Ive spoken to the guy at vaux, and to get rid of this problem, you need to get this done.

AFM replaced
Coolant temp sensor replaced
Coolant temp sensor wiring loom modification (X12XE vauxhall are aware of it)
Then once you have done all that, you need to go to vaux, get the latest X12XE ECU flash and get all existing parameters wiped out.

He's done it to 3 corsa's so far and its worked.


posted on 3rd Jun 05 at 15:47

I dont mind the flat spots in second and 3rd so much as your up and running, put i dont half look like a c*nt at the traffic lights kangarooing like a barstuard lol

Might try another AFM, expensive replacement if it isn't the problem though unless i fish around scrap yards, but it seems like them fcuk up pretty quick so a second hand 1 might be the same :o

Sometimes in second.........foot to the floor and its like the engine has hit a brick wall it just wont pull anymore, then it wakes up and away it goes.....weird!


posted on 3rd Jun 05 at 07:59

Originally posted by Tom_1.216v
Satsta, mine used to do this couldn't get of my drive had to let it warm up or rev it. changed the air flow meter worked fine again.

u get flat spots around 3-4k??

mine only does it when stood around for awhile...then if i whack it in first and attempt to go it just hits around the 1k revs and judders n really doesnt wanna go over 1k...rev it to around 4k and its fine!
reckon changin the air flow meter will sort this? i aint very clue'd up about engines:look:

cheers m8:wave:


posted on 2nd Jun 05 at 12:31

I've had that before in my 1.2 8v. Sometimes in a morning when its fairly cold you can floor it in first / second and theres no acceleration at all, then after 20 seconds or so it kicks in and you start to move. Dunno if its the same thing but i havent found a solution, just thought it might be a problem with the automatic choke.


posted on 2nd Jun 05 at 12:29

Satsta, mine used to do this couldn't get of my drive had to let it warm up or rev it. changed the air flow meter worked fine again.

u get flat spots around 3-4k??


posted on 2nd Jun 05 at 12:28

had my 1.2 16v for two years now.
started doing it after a year for bout 3 months very often. now it happens like once every couple of months. very weird


Icon depicting mood of post posted on 2nd Jun 05 at 11:49

my 1.0 12v does this in 1st and its pretty scary when it does it when im pulling out across traffic :(


posted on 2nd Jun 05 at 10:40

mine doesnt go over 1000 revs if its been left overnight unless i whack it in neautral and rev it half way round the clock!

then put it in first and its fine...



posted on 1st Jun 05 at 07:24

what do you mean? when you plant the trottle in.. lets say.. 4th at 30mph... it stutters? my 1.6 does this... i just put it down to dogy wiring... or a bust sensor somewere:o


posted on 1st Jun 05 at 01:18

I've got this problem in higher gears (slightly in 3rd, mainly in 4th)


posted on 31st May 05 at 15:36

Might try another AFM

posted on 31st May 05 at 15:18

ive had it, i can happen in n e gear its just not as noticeable as the acceeleration isnt as good in higher gears

PuRpLe RoNnY

posted on 31st May 05 at 15:05

ive had that..... so ime putting a new engine in.... lol


posted on 31st May 05 at 14:37


I have done a search and it appears that after a while the 1.2 16v Ecotec engines seem to hesitate from time to time...........but non of the threads ever had a sollution or someone eventually saying they sorted it....

Basically, clutch to bite, taking it pulling fine then the revs just stop, the car still goes but doesn't pick up, its like a mayor flat spot only in 1st and 2nd gears.

Dont think it timing as its on chains..........not sure what it could be, anyone else had this and eventually sorted it?

Cheers fella's!

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