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posted on 11th May 04 at 13:12

why not ? Thats what they are designed for aint it?


posted on 10th May 04 at 22:49

I would recomend runnin a ps2 tru da motorised head unit screen, ur bes bet is to buy a seperate screen which is easier!


posted on 10th May 04 at 16:18

its not that my headunit colour needs sorting either, because with mine it has a sensor on the front on the unit that automaticly adjusts the brightness/contrast to suit the amount of light in the car.........hummmmmmm


posted on 10th May 04 at 16:04

cool, so was it just the fact that the playstation needed earthing ?

How did you do it in the end?

I tried earthing the video outer rca part and my power invertor and i got a clear picture, but it seems awful dark for some reason, I cant see where im going when i play playstatio platform games, lol


posted on 10th May 04 at 15:07

Problem solved, perfect picture & sound!!


posted on 10th May 04 at 14:39

yeah well in mate, will try that too!


posted on 10th May 04 at 13:22

Ive just called a pioneer dealer and he sid its the playstation 2 thats the problem. He said you need to put an earth from one of the screw points on the back of the playstation 2 to the chassis of the car, or earth the outer part of the video rca lead the O part to a part of the chassis

Im gonna go and try it out now and see what happens.

This sounds like whats the problem with your too mate


posted on 10th May 04 at 13:15

So you've cought up to me almost, lol I have sound and a picture in colour but the picture is fuzzy and i cant seem to work out how to sort it out, Its like a bad reception as if it needs tuning in. im gonna call a pioneer dealer and see if they can help me out!


posted on 10th May 04 at 12:50

UPDATE!!! Getting sound from the ps2 not but absolutly no picture through, maybe it has something to do with the remote lead for aux 1?????????
Unfortunatly i blew a fuse while pulling the head unit out! lol


posted on 10th May 04 at 11:38


I cant understand why i get perfect sound from it, but the pictrue is fuzzy but in colour

if anyone knows why this would happen, please let me know !!!


posted on 10th May 04 at 10:41

I didnt get any sound or a picture, it was just black with a bit of white flickering through. Reading the manual it says 1 RGB input for navigation and 1 RCA input for auxillery, its just taking the pish outta me! lol


posted on 10th May 04 at 10:07

Im having similar problems mate with my pioneer avh-p6400cd headunit.

Pictured below:

I plugged my playstation 2 into it via the phono leads like you said, The sound from the game comes up and the image is there in colour but its flickering and as if it needs tuning in, I have tried going through all the setting and cant figure it out.

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posted on 10th May 04 at 08:08

the guy who i bought it off said u can plug anything (dvd, ps2 tv tuner) intothe aux input, just yellow, red & white leads needed.


posted on 9th May 04 at 22:35

is it tuned in properly?? PS2 usually runs on the AV thing doesnt it. I dont know if thats how that screen works as I've never actually seen / played with one :(


posted on 9th May 04 at 15:10



posted on 7th May 04 at 16:15

I tried my ps2 on my alpine CVA1003 last nite and i never got out through onto the headunit, aux in (yellow,red,white) just gave a bit of flickering thats it.
Any ideas?