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Author Nova mk1 C20XE

Registered: 14th Nov 07
Location: Rosyth fife
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13th Jul 14 at 19:12   View User's Profile U2U Member Reply With Quote

hi everyone, some may remeber my silver mk2 nova i bought last year, id fitted a gsi kit, lowering kit, sri interior and a corsa gsi c16xe engine.. well id spent a while trying to get it running.. fault codes kept showing coolant tempt sensor, bought a new one still nothing. was sparking but wanst getting fuel, i was trying to use the 1.2 fuel pump so perhaps that was the reason. so anyway at this point i was loosing intrest aswell as buying another corsa that had taken up my time.

some months went by and i started looking at mk1 novas so i sat and wrote a forsale add for my mk2, for some reason though i didnt bother putting it anywhere. a few days later one of my mates and fellow cs user weddy1988 was looking for a c16xe for one of his mates and was looking to sell a c20xe he had just got with a corsa he had bought... so a deal was struck i would give him my engine for the c20xe and a set of cesaros that had been freshly refurbed

this how she looked at this point i decided to strip the car down for a proper rebuild

so 1st up engine and gearbox was stripped out

then i offered my mk2 front end for sale on fb and some lad had took the wings and grille so whipped them off

drivers splash guard needs some attention

rear end stripped down aswell back panel and passenger arch is mint!

but the filler job where an arch repair was done on the passenger quarter was shocking

bit of a mess here but also picked up a mk1 gte/sr rear bumper

and the c20xe was dropped off, early dizzy xe, fp ecu, uprated fuel pressure reg, f20 gbox unknown millage was stripped for a rebuild so i'll be rebuilding it with new rings, shells, bearnings, gaskets, timing belt, water pump, also got myself a ported and polished head so i'll need to reground the valves into it, also i'll get it skimmed. need to get myself a flat type flywheel aswell and a new clutch

as with novas the chassis leg needs modded for alternator so i thought i would test fit the engine and box

also had stitch welded the engine bay before hand but didnt take any pics, also seam welded the engine mounts that are on the legs, welded both inner wings and repaired drivers splashguard. will get pics of that soon.

i had collected nova gte shafts for a previous project so i stripped the inner cv's off and went and collected 22spline mk2 cav inners which a got off a mate for free

dug around the garage and got my new drivers door out as the original was knackered, delocked too so i will need to do that to passengers. spent the day cutting out the rot on the drivers arch and welding in an arch repair

can see the rot in this pic here

also got some filler on the arch needs sandin before applying other layers

heres a pic of the wheels im running tried and tested cav slabs currently on 195/50/15 tyres but there catching rear archs as its lowered 100mm on the rear

new front bumper i won on ebay for 20quid was well chuffed when i found that

also won a passenger headlight for 99p

can see the wing there i had lying around although its rotten so 2 new ones will be bought off ebay also picked up some genuine clear indicators off another mate! love freebies

last but not least on the purchasing id bought some escort rs recaro seats

so that was it for a few weeks, ran out of funds motivation then i started my job so on ebay most nights hunting for parts i need and as today was my 1st today off i started doing something id always wanted to do smooth the bulkhead on the nova

welded the holes up

and some filler

thats it for now folks! thanks for looking

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Registered: 14th Nov 07
Location: Rosyth fife
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13th Jul 14 at 19:22   View User's Profile U2U Member Reply With Quote

may aswell post a couple pics of my 80quid runaround corsa

paid 80pounds for it as it didnt run... 72k 1.2club was standard when i got it, lowered on avo gtx coilovers, rear shocks and 100mm rear springs cav cesaros with caps, smoked rear lights and side reps and smoked depos, tigra scuttle panel, stainless backbox, pre97 sport/sri interior, tigra 140mph clocks, 2.0ltr brakes, hid's, debadged grille, opel badges, supertouring badges, ive done some welding on it boot floor and rear axle is absolutely rotten. got given a disc rear axle for free albeit needs calipers

done roughly 2000 miles so far trouble free gets attention everywhere it goes which is awsome, hopefully will have a Steinmetz splitter fitted soon

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