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Author Opel-Treffen Oschersleben, Germany. 29th May-2nd June 2013

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You’ve heard about 18.Opel-Treffen Oschersleben 2013 and want to find out a bit more about it. Here are a few questions that you may want answers to before you think about going to this show.

Q) What is Opel-Treffen Oschersleben?
Opel-Treffen Oschersleben is Germany’s version of PVS (Performance Vauxhall Show) and VBOA Billing and Total Vauxhall Live show put together. It is held annually at the Motorsport Area in Oschersleben-Bode, Germany.

Q) Is it a big show?
The 2012 show was almost the biggest on record. 20,000 cars and 68,000 Opel fans attended throughout the weekend.

Q) When is the show?
The show does not have a set weekend in the calendar.
This year, it is Wednesday 29th of May to Sunday 2nd of June.

Q) How long is the show?
The show this year is a 5 DAY event Wednesday 8am – Sunday 12pm
The event gates do not open until the Wednesday morning to allow access onto the club display stands. If you arrive before the Wednesday, camping is only offsite.

Q) How much does it cost? Show Only
The cost of a club stand car pass is £13 (at 2012 prices). A T-shirt for the driver is included in that price. (T-shirt is collected from the show itself)
The car pass is for the CAR ONLY.
The car stand passes need to be booked in advance to secure your place on the club stand display.

A camping fee of €30 EACH PERSON in the car is payable on entry to the show. (cash only, no card payment accepted at the gate). You will then get a festival style wristband to confirm your payment, and then you are free to come and go as you wish in and out of the event.

Q) How do I book a car pass?
There will be a booking thread posted up soon, and the process of how to book will be explained.
The deadline for advanced booking will be the 1st March 2013.

The car stand passes will only arrive 2 weeks before the show date. The car passes will either be sent to you or can be given to another person going to meet you en-route on the convoy over to Germany.

Q) Do I need to advance book?
Yes, there are 3 main areas at Oschersleben,

Kartbahn - Party Platz1 (Go-Kart track - Party Place 1 -Tarmac area),
Family Camping – Centre of Motorsport track (Grassed area)
Party Platz 2 (Party Place 2, Grassed area)
In 2011 &2012 we advance booked for the Kartbahn, This is a tarmac track near the heart of the show, and quite relaxed.

Q) Can I pay on the gate at the show?
Yes you can, BUT you will be put onto Party Platz 2, and not on our club stand on the kartbahn. Party Platz 2 is a grassed area to the rear of the show. (See picture below)

Q) How far is it?
Oschersleben-Bode is 484 miles from when getting off the ferry or Eurotunnel in Calais, France. We travel through 4 countries to get to the show, France, Belgium, Holland into Germany.
There is no rush to get to the show, so the average speed for travelling is 60-65mph. At this speed it takes on average 8 hours to reach Oschersleben.
Everyone who went in 2011 averaged 35-40mpg with whatever car they had: Mk1 Astra GTE turbo, 1.6 8v Nova Saloon, 2x Vectra GSi’s and one Vectra 2.0 16v.
Calais - Oschersleben Route
Rotterdam – Oschersleben Route

Q) How much does it cost to get there?
The general rule of thumb is about £550-£600 for the week.
This includes all expenditure: Ferry/Eurotunnel – Fuel – AA/RAC European breakdown cover/ Show entry fees.
This cost is based on 1 person and one car. The largest cost for the trip is fuel. The average round trip mileage is 1,800miles. It all depends on where you live in the UK in regard to Dover/Harwich/Felixstowe/Hull ports.
You can split the cost of the trip by having a couple of passengers, and sharing the cost of the ferry/ AA/ RAC cover/ Fuel by however many passengers you have makes the trip more manageable.

Q) What is there do at the show?
There are lots to see and do:

1/8th Mile Drag strip
Show & Shine Competition
Car Club stands from all over Europe. (Germany, Holland, Belgium, Finland, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Luxembourg, and us from the UK)
Public Race (RWYB Track Time)
Racing taxi rides in a DTM Astra V8 from Brenner Motorsport
2 Party areas (paddocks and party camp site II)
Miss Opel beauty contest powered by Friedrich Motorsport
Firework display (Saturday Night)
Burnout and Donut contest
Drift Challenge under floodlights
13th Vintage Opel meet with own camp site (Infield II) and presentation space at the paddocks
EMMA sound contests
Vendor area with more than 50 popular vendors
Event radio with Live4u Radio on 93.7
Free child care on Friday and Saturday

Q) Do I need to take my own food?
No, There was no shortage of food stands at the show. Everything was catered for: Burgers or Sausage & Chips/ Chicken Burgers /Pizza /Chinese /Vegetarian /Wraps, plus many more

Q) Do I need to speak German?
Not really, but I think you will enjoy the show and interacting better if you know some German.
We are at a German car show! We are all there for the cars and meeting new friends. We would expect German car club members coming to a UK show to speak some English.
They learn English at school, like we learn German, but like us, we all pretty much forget most of it when we leave school. The members who went in 2011 & 2012 are now learning German, using the CD’s / interactive books, so I would suggest doing it as well.

Q) Is it camping? Or can I stay in a hotel?
The show caters for camping or if you want, you can take a caravan.
There is one hotel at the Motorsport Arena, but gets fully booked very quickly after the show dates have been released.

Q) What happens after the show finishes?
After the show finishes on the Sunday, we normally drive to the Nurburgring and have 2 days sightseeing/track action. We try and break up the return journey with an Iconic place to visit. We book a B&B at the Nurburgring in advance which has it's own restaurant/bar and is reasonably priced.
We then leave the Nurburgring on the Tuesday morning and arrive back in the UK Tuesday early evening for the journey back home.

Q) What days holiday do I need to book off for going?
The days to book in 2013 would be:-
Leave UK early hours Tuesday 28th May 2013.
Return Late evening Tuesday 4th June 2013.

The ideal Eurotunnel crossing we would be aiming to get the convoy of cars all together would be.
Depart - Tuesday 28th May 09:50am crossing
Return - Tuesday 4th June 19:20 crossing.
We usually meet up at Maidstone Motorway Services at 08:30am on the Tuesday morning, so everyone arrives at the Eurotunnel at the same time.

Q) What do I need to take with me? What’s needed for travelling abroad?
I will post up a list of things required to get your car and you to and from Germany.


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Here's a breakdown of EVERYTHING it cost me to go and come back, Also what you need to take for the trip.

I will go through everything I can think of with a brief explanation, just in case this would be your first eurotrip.

Required Things Needed - CAR.

1) Passport - Not get out the UK without it!

2) Log Book (V5 Document) - Needs to be original, not a copy.

3) Insurance Green Card - Normally free, but check with your car insurance company. Normally up to 90 days cover free. Just need to tell them the dates you will be away.

4) MOT Certificate - Needs to be valid original, not a copy.

5) Driving Licence - Needs to be valid original, not a copy.

Things Needed to be in the Car by LAW.

On the spot fines IF the foreign plod catch you without any/ not working.

6) Headlight beam benders - for driving in europe, and not dazzling them with UK spec headlights.

7) Spare set of bulbs - Headlight & tail-light ones.

8.) Warning Triangle - In case you breakdown - to warn other drivers.

9) Hi-Viz Reflective Vest/Jacket - France & Belgium (if you breakdown)

10) Spare Tyre/Can Tyreweld/ Runflat Tyres - Must carry a spare of some sort

11) Country of Origin Sticker (GB sticker) - Needs to be on the back of the car (No. plate GB ones are ok)

12) *New for 2013* Disposable breathalyser kit for France. See here

I Recommend to have in the car, But not required by law.

13) First Aid Kit - Breakdown/Accident

14) Fire extinguisher - Breakdown/ Car Fire/ Accident

15) Tow rope/ Jump Leads - You never know if you'll need them

16) Oil/Water in 1/2/5ltr containers - whatever you want

17) Tools/Spanners/Fan Belts/Spare parts - Comes in handy if you need to do a roadside repair to get you there/home.


All costs are from the 2012 show and MAY go up slightly for 2013.

1) Car Club Stand Pass - € 15

2) Gate Entry (weekend wristband PER PERSON IN THE CAR) - € 30

3) Ferry/ Eurotunnel ticket (return) - £130-150

4) AA European Breakdown Roadside/Recovery Cover for 1 week

(27yr old Mk1 Astra) - £75 Extra £30 included £500 labour cover to fix IF breakdown/accident occured and needed to recover car back to the UK.

5) EHIC - European Health Card Insurance from the UK Gov - Free.

Register online/Post office for free/reduced costs for medical expenses in europe (Not free like NHS)

6) Travel Insurance for unforseen problems (eg broken leg & can't drive home) - £8 Single trip, 1 week cover

7) Food & Drink - Like PVS/Billing - Burger/ Kebab/ Chip stalls and beer tents available. Can bring own or Supermarket in Oschersleben for local beer.

They normally drink bottles in Germany and find cans a bit odd !

8.) PETROL - £320 for 1600miles of travelling from Rochdale to Oschersleben (50miles from Berlin) and back again.

This INCLUDES the first fill up in Rochdale to get to Dover.

I used European Motorway services for fueling. The cost was €1.65 per litre (£1.35 per litre) This was when the exchange rate was £1= €1.15
Hopefully the exchange rate will be better in 2013.

TOTAL COST is around £550- £600 for EVERYTHING.
1 week in Germany with your own car.

Give or take a few quid for what type of Ferry/mpg you get.
I averaged 30-35mpg with a Mk1 Astra Turbo Housebrick aerodynamics.
The fastest I went was 75/80 for a short burst, no rush to get there on the Tuesday.


There is no camping allowed on the Tuesday night inside the show area.
Gates OPEN Wednesday Morning 8AM!

There is a layby outside the main entrance, and this has become our parking area for the night.
Quite a few people park/camp there the night before.
Hotels may be available in the area, but I think they will be booked pretty quickly.
The Hotel onsite at the track is fully booked already!
It is possible to set a tent up for the night.
I didn't, I slept in the car for that night, (long day driving, slept like a log!)
At 5am (German time) the road will be FULL of Opels waiting to get in the show grounds. We blocked off the main road for nearly 2hrs trying to get in.

Thats the fun having 5 days of just chilling and talking cars.


The Show is all done and dusted by 12pm on the Sunday.
The prize giving/trophies are given out then. Most people have gone by that time, people drift off from 7-11am and there is no great traffic jam to get out and back on the motorway.


We should be ok for some time at the Nurburgring this year.
Rock Am Ring is on the weekend after the show.(7th-10th June 2013)
I'll email the B&B to make sure they are available, then we should be sorted 8)

Any questions or queries, stick them up, and i'll try and answer them for you.


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Links to Various sites:

The Official Opel-Treffen Oschersleben website (in English)

Opel-Treffen oschersleben facebook page

My youtube video of 2012.

My photobucket picture galleries
2012 Gallery

2011 Gallery

Driving abroad links
AA -


General info -


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It's going to be a cracker this year

There are 14 cars booked up for this next year, from various clubs, and quite a few more interested.

VVOC/Mk1oc/Club-Vaux/PVG/PNG/AOC & AON.

No Corsa's yet

This is definitely going to be an amazing show this year.You know you want to do it. Euro show & Nurburgring, which petrol-head wouldn't fancy it?


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The booking for CAR PASS ONLY tickets is now available for the Opeltreffen Oschersleben 2013 Show.

Cost for club car pass: €15 Euro CAR ONLY (£12.50)
The Official price has not been released yet, but I don't think it will change for the car pass price. IF it does, I will make the difference up for each pass.

Camping payments are made on the entry gate for ALL SHOW ENTRANTS.
2012 was €30 per person for the weekend. Cash Only on the gate.
The ESTIMATED camping price may be €40 for 2013, as it is a 5 day show. The price will be released in February 2013

2012 was an amazing show, I know this year will be better. Come and join us.

All payments need to be received BEFORE the 1st of March 2013.
To enable us as a group to get the location we want at the show.

The price includes all booking charges and postal charges if needed to be sent to you.
The tickets will arrive at my door 2 weeks before the show date.
Don't worry, we will have confirmation in March of the numbers and there won't be any problems.

Please send all payments of (£12.50) as a GIFT to

State when sending payment through paypal

1. What its for eg : Opeltreffen Oschersleben 2013

2. How many car passes you are buying for.

3. Club username and forum you saw this on.
Incase I'm not registered on that forum.

4. Your Full name & address & contact number.

5. Your Car Make & Model (INCLUDING REG No)

6. T-Shirt size - (S/M/L/XL/XXL) These are collected at the show, but sizes need to be confirmed when booking your ticket.

Once paid, please copy and paste your name, model of car, date paid to the list.

1. Chris Harden - Vectra B (Paid) - Show=Yes - Ring=No

If Booking Eurotunnel, the best times for travelling are:

Folkstone - Calais: Tuesday 28th May 09:50am Departure
Calais - Folkstone: Tuesday 4th June 19:20 Departure

Calais, France - Oschersleben Route

In 2012, we all met up at Maidstone services at 8:30am on the Tuesday morning, so we could all convoy down together for the Eurotunnel.
If we arrive early for our slot, they will usually try and put us on the earlier crossing if they have spaces.

Steverubberduck (Club-Vaux) hopefully will be the leader for the Southern Convoy

We will also be having 2 days at the Nurburgring. After leaving the show on the Sunday, we will arrive at the Nurburgring Sunday 2nd June PM and be there until Tuesday 4th June late morning.
We will depart the Nurburgring Tuesday 4th June late AM for the drive back to the Eurotunnel for the 19:20 crossing.
Nurburgring, Germany - Calais, France Route

Here is the full route which we would be doing abroad:
Full European Travel Route


The return leg at the Nurburgring has now been confirmed with the B&B we stayed at in 2011 & 2012.

The place is now confirmed as Berghotel Hohe-Acht, Adenau, Nurburgring
If you want to book a room for the dates of Sunday 2nd - Tuesday 4th June 2013.

Please email Frank:[COLOR=Green][/COLOR]
The 2013 prices are:
Single Room - 45 euro per person per night.
Double room - 35 euro per person per night

The booking reference is: "Chris Harden 2nd-4th June 2013"
Please e-mail him with what type of room you require (Twin/Double/Single).
You will need to give him your credit card details to hold the room for you.
Nothing is taken, as payment is when you leave on the Tuesday morning.

There are a limited number of rooms (15max), so IF you are planning to join us at the Nurburgring, Please book ASAP so we can get us all together at the same place.

IF you book and then decide NOT to go, Please cancel your room OR YOU WILL BE CHARGED.


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Here is the list of cars and people already booked for going.
Then most are going to the Nurburgring after the show finishes.

1. Chris Harden - Vectra B (Paid) - Show=Yes - Ring=No
2. Steverubberduck - Vectra B ST (Paid) - Show=Yes - Ring=Yes
3. Ben Littley - Vauxhall Signum (Paid) - Show=Yes - Ring=Yes + passenger
4. Stewart Pilsbury - Astra G SRi (Paid) - Show=Yes - Ring=Yes + passenger
5. Phil Wardle - Mk1 Astra GTE - (Paid) - Show=Yes - Ring=Yes + passenger
6. Krestian Larsen - Nova Spider - (Paid) - Show=Yes - Ring=No + passenger
7. Russ Ashworth - Astra Coupe (Paid) - Show=Yes - Ring=No
8. Andrew Catlin - Astra Coupe (Paid) - Show=Yes - Ring=Yes
9. AND181 - Astra VXR Nurburgring - Show=Yes - Ring=Yes + passenger (Checking out travel routes from Scotland)

The list of people who are waiting until after Xmas to sort time off with work/or checking with mates for it.

10. John A - Camo Carlton Estate
11. 4x Nova's from Cumbria - not sure on numbers yet
12. Andy - Astra H - from Ipswich + passenger
13. Mike - Vectra B or Cav Mk3 - but wouldn't mind being a passenger if he can
14. Scott - Mk1 Astra from Scotland
15. Dom Hodge - Mk1 Astra SR LET - M.Keynes

I know a few lads are talking to their mates about this trip, so hopefully we can add a few more to the list. Anyone else fancy it????


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It's the final 4 weeks until the Car Pass Deadline closes!

The deadline to get your payments to me is BEFORE the 1st of March 2013!

The list of cars is steadily growing. This is going to be an epic show this year.
Are you sure you want to miss it???

If you DO want to go but need any more info, send me a pm/email and I'll answer any questions you have. The Nurburgring B&B is getting quite full now from our party going over. So IF you ARE going, make yourself known to me so I know who to look out for.


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Only a couple of days before the car pass deadline closes on the last day of Feb. Payments are sent on the 1st of March, that's why I need them ASAP if you plan on going!


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A massive thanks to everyone who is coming this year, OR has expressed an interest in going next year in 2014

This year is going to be an epic show, as we have a record 21 UK cars with 34 people coming along to be part of the largest Vaux/Opel meeting in the world

And then as an added bonus, we'll be dropping by the Nurburgring for a few laps of the legendary Nordschleife, and being tourists to see the castle & F1 track

Not long now until Opel mecca is at full party mode, 85 days


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Not long now!

Only 34 days until we are there
33 to have the car packed and fired up heading for the Eurotunnel/Ferry.

How's everyone's plans coming along? All sorted?

For me:
Crossing booked
AA European cover sorted
Travel insurance done
Beam benders & other euro kit now in the car
Car sorted for jobs being done before going.

Just counting down now


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