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Author Fitting an Electric Sunroof

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How to fit an electric sunroof.

Parts required:
1) Motor – from either Vectra, Carlton or Astra.
2) Switch – Standard switch with Vectra carlton.
3) Wiring loom – Wire from motor to switch.
4) Surround – from either Vectra or astra (carlton 1”too big)
5) 20Amp fuse and cable

Firstly unscrew current handle at the screw in the centre of the unit. Remove the handle and then prise out the interior light carefully. You can then disconnect this as it is easier and doesn’t get in the way. Remove the 2 screws holding the surround in place where the interior light is. Pull away the seal around the sunroof and the surround should drop out.

Now it is easier to get your live feed to the sunroof. I wired mine direct to a main feed so that it can be use with the ignition switched off. As this was the case the feed came direct from the battery, fused close to it with a 20A fuse. The wire can be routed through the engine bay, through the rubber grommet behind the glove box, then up the side A frame of the car, under the roof lining to the sunroof itself.

You need to make sure your motor is set into the correct starting position before putting it in the car. Link the motor to the switch and then to a live feed. Press the tilt button until the motor stops moving. Then press tilt again, if the motor moves again keep the button depressed until it stops. Once it has stopped for the second time, this means the motor thinks it is in the tilt position, press the retract button until the motor stops again, now this should be the closed position for the motor.

You can now screw the motor into the roof of the car, the holes are already there and it just requires the two bolts. Attach the live feed from your battery to the motor live. Do not link the end to the battery under the bonnet just yet. Attach the switch to the surround, it should only fit in one way. Make sure you have now attached the cables to you switch from the motor. IE loom. Screw your sunroof surround into the roof, again into the holes that are already there, also link the brown earth cables from the motor and switch to one of the bolts so that it is grounded.

Now replace the seal around the sunroof and replace the interior light back where it came from. Link the main feed to the battery and test the motor. You should find all is working well.

There is a small section on the motor that you can see turning if you remove the sliding panel in the surround. If the motor sticks initially, the rotating section has a small screw looking button in the middle of it, press this in and give a little turn. Then try the motor again.

All should now work fine.

Submitted by jm960326

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