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Author Front Fog Light Wiring
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How to wire in fog lights using Vauxhall switch.

Assuming you have your fog lights mounted in the bumper and no standard fog light loom.

Parts needed:

Fog light switch (GM part number 90228200)
Switch connector block (salvaged one used in pictures cut off at 6cm)
2 off fog light connectors
12v relay
Piggy back fuse (from ebay or motor factors etc)
15 amp fuse
Crimp splices or solder and heat shrink
Female spade crimps
Ring terminal
Wire (5 meters of 12 or 14 gauge)
Cable ties

Step 1

Disconnect battery.

Remove fuse box cover and gain access to the rear of the light switches.

Join the following wires like so to the switch connector

1 - Brown > earth (also to pin 86 on relay)
2 - 2x black/green > signal out (pin 85 on relay)
3 - grey/green > illumination
4 - 2x grey/green > signal in (scotch lock from sidelight feed)
5 - black > warning light

Connecting them like in the following picture will illuminate the switch when your lights are on

On your relay,

pin 85 > pin 2 of switch

pin 86 > pin 1 of switch

pin 87 > piggyback fuse ( this can plug into a fuse of your choice in the fuse box)

pin 30 > fog lights

Step 2

pin 1 of the fog light plugs to be joined and connected to a suitable earth using the ring terminal, as close to the fog lights as possible. ensure there is bare metal where the ring is fastened to and either paint over it or blob some silicone on it.

Pin 2 of the fog light plugs to be joined, then routed through the engine bay and through a grommet into the car. Try if possible to follow existing wires and ensure the cable doesn't come into contact with sharp edges. Cable tie it into position at least every 6 inches.

Connect everything up as per this diagram

Insert fuse into piggyback

Reconnect battery and test system

The fog lights will only come on when sidelights, sides & dipped or sides & mains are on.

Check to ensure the switch illuminates when the Lights are turned on, then check the orange warning light comes on when fog lights are turned on.

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