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Author Centre Console Interior Lighting

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First of all you will need to get the light fittings themselves. Mine were boot lights from a scrapyard. I picked them up for under a fiver. Next you need to run a length of two core cable (speaker cable is good) down the passenger side A panel(down the windscreen). To do this, remove the screw cover at the top and remove the screw. This will free the top of the panel. Then pull away the rubber door seal and gently pull the panel down, this will unclip the panel so you can get behind to fit the cable. Once the cable is secure, you can refit the panel and door seal. The cable then needs to be cable tied out of sight under the glove box. There is a metal frame underneath with other wiring cable tied, I used this.

You will need to remove the centre console. To do this, you will need to unscrew 1 screw which is hidden at the front under the ash tray. Remove the cover and unscrew the screw. Pull the gear gaiter from the console or if like me you have an aluminium surround, unscrew this and release the gaiter. Then you will need to gently pull the console towards the back seat and up, this frees it from the clip that holds the back end of the console. Once free, turn the console 45 degrees and free it from the gear stick/handbrake. You will need to cut two holes. If you use the same fittings as me, the hole is roughly 2x1" but measure before you cut! Underneath the console you may find a silver metal unit which I think has something to do with the airbag, this shouldn't interfere with the light fitting but make sure that where you cut the holes, there will be enough room to fit the fitting.

To cut the holes, I just used a drill and drilled small holes over the pencil line I drew. Then I drilled a hole in each corner big enough to fit a hack saw blade in. I then cut the hole with the hacksaw blade and finished it off by filing the rough edges. You should now be able to fit the light unit in the hole. Do you same for the other side.

Now you should have both fittings in place and the cable ready to connect. In the roof fitting, join the cable to the red and grey wire. If like me, you have a map light unit, I just connected the wires to the spade connectors I had used to terminate the new wiring. See the tutorial on fitting map lights to see how this is done.

At the other end, join another piece of cable about 10cm long to the end of the cable from the roof fitting and terminate both ends using spade connectors. so you should have four spade connectors, a live and earth twice. You then plug the connectors onto the fittings. a live and earth on each fitting.

Once wired up, test they work by opening a door. If everything is wired correctly, you can now refit the centre console over the handbrake and gear gaiter making sure that all cables are neatly tied and out of sight.

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