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Author Gear Linkage Adjustment
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Thanks to Richardhhha for this tutorial

Step 1


10mm open ended spanner
13mm deep 3/8 drive socket
3/8 drive ratchet
Long 3/8 drive extension
A thin Philips screw driver or a thick pop rivet

Step 2

The work:

Open bonnet and disconnect the battery (10mm spanner needed) after doing this remove the battery by undoing the 13mm nut down the left hand side of the battery holding the battery clamp in place (13mm deep socket and long extension with ratchet)
Then remove the battery tray (4x 13mm bolts holding the tray in place) and you should be left with this

Get under the car (time to jack the front up a bit) behind the engine where the rear engine mount/gearbox mount is there will be a small shaft with a pinch bolt

this is a 13mm bolt you need to loosen enough so that the shaft this pinch bolt and clamp is on can move freely apart from each other (do not fully undo/take out)

now go inside the car, and pull the gaiter up around the gear stick, and you will see the innards of the gear stick, basically there are 2 holes one in the gearstick and one in the housing,

Take one thin Philips screw driver and sick it in the holes, so that they are both together like this

Now its time to get your hands dirty:

Back under the bonnet where the battery tray was you need to get your hands down there and you will see this

Basically you need to turn the joint thatís going into the gearbox anti clockwise and the little white plug (little plug at the top of the image which has a small spring attached) you will need to push in, turn the big joint as far as you can whilst putting pressure on the white plug it will pop into the gearbox when its at the right angle, this plug locks the box so that it is aligned for neutral

Now under the car you go again and tighten up that pinch bolt nice and tight so that it doesnít become loose again!

Then under the bonnet again back to the image above, give the joint a slight wiggle and pull the plug gently and it will pop put freeing the gearbox.

Now back into the cabin and pull the Rivet or screw driver out of the gear leaver and it will be adjusted.

Put the battery tray back in and battery and clamp, lower the car.

Start the car with your foot on the clutch (as the gear leaver may have moved if the 2 holes aren't lined up and locked together properly and may cause the car to be in gear)

the car will idle funny for a minute or so as its the ecu resetting and learning its parameters, then check it go's into gear correctly.

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