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Author What the Terms mean for Stereo stuff
Romford Astra

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SPL- Sound Pressure Level mainly sound off stuff.

SQL- Sound Quality people could spend more time and money on this than most other things.

Sub- Subwoofer, large speaker either 10-15" speaker that uses low bass notes.

Mid- A 5.25-6.5" mini sub, this uses the middle frequency of sound.

Tweeter a 1" speaker that only uses the treble/ high notes of music.

Components- Usually a 2 peice speaker system with a mid and tweeter.

Crossover- a crossover will seperate the frequency of the music you are playing, it will send the mid to mid, high/treble to tweeter and low notes/bass to subs.

Amp- Essential equipment if you are running lots of speakers or a sub, this will increase the signal of the music and the power. In short they power the speakers.

Power cable/ Earth cable- These are needed when building a system, this is what sends the power from your battery to your amp(s). This comes in different thickness, from 8Ga - 0Ga. The thicker the cable the more power can be had.

Ga- Gauge, this is what wire is measured in, for thickness. The smaller the number the thicker the wire.

Distribution blocks- These are used to split the power/earth cables into small Ga, this method is used only when running more than 1 amp. These have fuses within them and can only be split down a Ga. For example you can split a 2Ga into two - four 4Ga. get it?????????

CAP- This stands for capacitor, these are quite complex. They will sit between the amp and the battery. The battery will give them a charge to use. When the Amp needs power the CAP can charge and discharge within mili seconds. These basically try to keep your system running at a high voltage.

Headunit- CD, Tape, Minidisk and now MP3 these are your playing units. They vary in price from around 100 - 2500.

DIN- The size of the headunit is usually 1 DIN you can get 1.5 and 2 DIN. These are the universal fitting size for cars. Corsa's have 1 DIN which means anything can fit into your car.

RCA's- These are the signal cable which give the amps their signal from the headunit so they will replay the signal into the speakers. The better quality you get the better the signal will be.

Remote wire- This is a thin blue wire that connects from the headunit to the amp. These look unimportant but are highly nessesary for your amps to work.

Ported box- This is where your sub box has a tube port cut into it. This will enable more air movement and thus a lower bass note. SPL use only.

Coaxial speakers- This is much the same as the components but they are not seperate. The tweeter cone is mounted onto the mid. These are not as effecient as the components.

6x9's- A large oval shaped speaker with 2-4 speakers mounted within its cast. These can give out all frequencies. high mid and bass. If you are planning to build a large system, avoid using these as you will not hear them over the subs.

Sound stage- Tech wording for the setup of speakers within your car. The best sound stage is components at the front and a sub in the boot. Both of which are run off of amps.

dB- Decibels, this is how loud your system is, the highest in the Uk at the moment is around 170dB. This is very hard to reach. The reason for this is beacause when you go over 154dB every dB louder is classified as twice as loud. For example if someone scores 155dB and the next person 156dB they are twice as loud.

Corsa B's have 1Din
Corsa C's have 2Din

Submitted by snowy
Romford Astra

Registered: 13th Aug 01
Location: Romford, Essex Drives:Honda S2000
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21st Jan 03 at 10:56   View User's Profile U2U Member Reply With Quote

"What is Clipping?"

when u look at a sound wave, its a curve, up and down, know what i mean? hopefully yes!

Clipping occurs when ur amp is working too hard in order to power the speakers running off of it, eg a 2000 RMS sub running off a 200RMS amp. When this happens it cant provide the power so cuts(clips) the sound wave at the top and bottom of it and it screws the sub right up. it sends DC(i think) voltage into the sub and fries it. not good.

Submitted by corb

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