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Author Fixing Deadlocks

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31st Jan 08 at 20:12   View User's Profile U2U Member Reply With Quote

You will need :

90540614 – Deadlock Ring
9120412 – Deadlock Roller

10mm socket

Remove the lower plastics on the door
Remove the door handle and plastic by the wing mirror
Put the window down and carefully prise the plastic window strip up. Don’t loose the metal clips that hold the door card.
Once removed put the window fully up.

Peel back some of the white weather proof plastic.
At the bottom of the door in the bottom right hand corner there will be 2 10mm nuts, remove these.
Pull the window runner down and out of the door.

With a 10mm socket remove the 2 nuts holding the handle on.
Carefully pull the central locking switch clip off and put somewhere safe.
With the handle off you want to be somewhere safe so that if the runner falls out you can find it easily.

Prise the cir-clip off, and pull the top part of the locking mechanism off.
Now with your new locking barrel locate it in the same position that the old one came off, its easily seen how it goes on as there are grooves on to where it fits.
With the locking barrel on, try and push it back slightly so you can slip the roller into it locator.

If done correctly you should be able to test it out with your key, and un-like before you should have 2 locking positions.

To re-assemble just follow the instructions in reverse order.

If done correctly you should have 2 locking positions. Put your window down, turn the key to the horizontal and try pull the locking tab up. If they dont move, pat yourself on the back

[Edited on 31-01-2008 by Ian]

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