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Author Cylinder head removal
Warren G

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Cylinder head Removal for X14XE X16XE engines

This is a very basic guide on how to remove the cylinder head, as you may notice this is an x16xel engine (different shape inlet manifold) but basically the same thing

Start my removing all parts around the engine
Remove airbox/airfilter
Remove battery
Undo vacuum hoses
Remove Upper inlet manifold
Drain coolant

Undo auxiliary belt
Undo crank pulley (tip – if you don’t have an air gun, put a socket with a bar, rest it against the engine mount a flick the key to turn the engine over)
Remove cambelt covers
Unplug injector loom plug (twists anti clock wise to undo)
Undo thermostat to rad hose
Undo exhaust manifold bolts

Remove cambelt
Remove cam pulleys
Remove rollers and tensioner
Remove cambelt back cover
Undo IAC/TPS and EGR plugs
Undo Knock sensor plug
Undo Metal plate fixed to back of lower inlet
Undo throttle body bolts

Leaver hose on back of inlet off or unscrew if you have a jubilee click on (when putting back always fit a jubilee clip)
Undo alternator bolts, and push back
Undo coolant housing on back of head
Undo rocker cover bolts
Remove rocker cover
Undo Headbolts
Remove Head

Remove inlet manifold
Check bores for marks/cracks
Check head for bows and corrosion

Clean block and head of old gasket material
Refit cylinder head

Torque settings
Head bolts – 25Nm +90, +90, +90, +45 degrees
Cam Caps – 8Nm
Crank shaft bolt – 95Nm +30, +15 degrees
Cam rollers – 25Nm

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