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Author Lowering Guide for Corsa C
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First things first, you need an unlowered C, like so -

Open the bonnet, and remove the cap from the strut tops -

Slacken the top nut off, using a 9mm offset spanner for the shaft, and a 18mm one for the nut.

Then, you need to crack the wheelnuts off, so you can get the wheels off.

Next, Jack the car up, and put axle stands under the front jacking points, being careful not to put them on the floor, as you'll bend it.

When that's done, you're ready to get started.

Take the 2 front wheels off, and put them somewhere safe.

You'll be left looking at this -

You need to undo the 2 bolts at the bottom, and the on near the spring platform, connected to the anti roll bar droplink (all 18mm. The ARB droplink bolt is hard, you need to undo the bottom 2 first, then turn the strut around towards the front of the car, then use a spanner, to stop the ball joint from rotating), also, on the passenger strut, a wire is clipped on, you need to unclip it carefully.

After undoing those bolts, remove the top nut, and drop the whole lot out.

That's what you'll have if you've undone the right things.

From here, you need to get the spring off. to do this, you'll need some spring compressors.


Compress the spring, like so -

Then remove the remaining top nut, using the same method as before (9mm spanner and 18mm)

Then you need to remove the spring cap, and the spring.

After that, put the new spring in place, and re-assemble the strut. (you may need to use spring compressors again, but if you have a friend helping, you probably won't, as you can just push the spring down, and slip the nut on)

If you've got all that right, and managed not to get a spring cap in the face, here's how it should look -

Bolt it on, in the reverse of the removal, making sure all the bolts are tight

then drop it down, tighten up the top bolt, and move onto the backs.


The backs are easier, but can still be tricky.

The first thing you need to do, is jack the back up (the wheels stay on, so no need to loosen the nuts)

It needs to go higher than the front, or when you drop the beam, the springs will still be stuck.

When it's jacked up, open the boot, and remove the damper top covers, to expose this -

You need to undo those bolts, which are 16mm. The spindle will need holding, so it doesnt turn.

Its fiddly, but you need to do it, or the springs won't come out.

Now you've undone these, the rear beam will drop down, and the springs should pop out. If you've not lifted the car high enough, they won't, and you'll have to use the compressors again.

When the springs are out, put one new one in, and using the jack, lift the rear beam up slightly.


Put the Damper back into the hole, and jack the beam up a bit more, so you can get the nut back on.

Do that with the other side, and now your shiney new springs are in, and the dampers are secure, you can drop the car back to the ground, and do the damper nuts up tight.

You should have a nicely lowered car now, so you can take a picture (complete with dirty hand) to show everyone.

Good Luck.

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Isn't it easier to undo the 17mm bolts on the rear beam rather than the damper rods on the back?

Good tutorial, well done

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good tutorial,
just looking at the rear spring, looks quite big, u reckon you could fit some rear springs off a corsa b onto it? reckon it would go really low then, lol

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Paul H

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it's easier to undo the rear shocks at the bottom and pull the beam down

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