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Author Painting Drum Brakes

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Tools Needed:

Axle Stands
Wheel Chocks
Wheel Brace
Wire Brush
Paint Brush
Tin of Hammerite High Temperature Paint

Time Allowed: 1 Hour

First step is to jack the car up and take the wheel off, Notice the deliberate mistake with the wheel chocks? Make sure you read your cars manual for how to properly jack up your car and support it as I take no responsibility for you hurting yourself or damaging your car buy following this guide!!!

Then you are faced with your rusty looking drum!

Now you want to wire brush the drum to get most of the rust off and to prepare the surface for painting.

Then you want to paint the drum. For this you need your hammerite and a paint brush. I also recommend putting some paper down and screwing a couple wheel studs in so you can rotate the drum and be able to paint it all

Then when you have finished step back and admire your work, or just get a brew like I did!

Put your wheel back on and admire your work, Looks loads better than before and might even make your car faster........

Now go repeat the process on the other side!

Make sure the paint is dry before driving, otherwise you will splatter the inside of your wheels! Overnight should do it.

[Edited on 18-10-2006 by Ian]

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