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Author Ignition switch/push start panel installation
Chiggy mk3

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First off, I would just like to add this is for a Vauxhall Astra 1.4 8v mk3. Corsa wiring should be similar if not identical.

First you are going to need a push button and ignition switch starter panel. I bought mine from ebay for £12 inc postage and it was delivered a day after purchasing it.

Next thing you want to do is DISCONNECT your battery positive terminal.

Undo the steering wheel cowling and take off the bottom bit, that is all you need to do for that part. Now you will see the Ignition switch box on the barrel. It looks daunting at first but you only play with 3 wires (the thin black wire, and the red/black wire you can see in the pic and also the big black wire below the above wires).

Take the red/black wire, as well as the small black wire, strip of the ends and solder them together, Then take some wire (I used ignition wire 8 amp), strip off the end and solder it onto the red/black and small black wire combo, making one joined wire like this.

This wire combination connects straight to one terminal of the push start button!

Next wire to tackle is the big black wire underneath the above wire combination. This wire needs to be cut into 2 parts, making sure you leave enough room to work with! This is what i ended up with.

Now then the piece of black wire thatís actually plugged into the ignition switch box needs to be split into 2 wires. So strip off the end, and solder 2 extra bits of wire onto it, creating something like this.

One of these wires runs to the other terminal of the push button, while the other wire runs to one terminal of the flick switch.

Now as for the remaining piece of cut black wire, solder on a piece of wire and run this directly to the other terminal on the flick switch.

If your ignition switch and push button start panel has a LED light like mine, this is simple enough; just connect both terminals of the LED to both terminals on the flick switch.

After making sure all wires are connected correctly and adequately protected, connect battery back up.

So to summarise this is how it should go.

For hiding the wires, thatís going to be personal preference, I found feeding them back through the steering column and through to where the headunit goes, then down and out the bottom. It depends on where you have the switch panel. I have opted to have it installed on my centre console in the Astra (the one that sits between the front seats). Iím going to get a perspex sheet cut out to the shape of the middle loose change tray, cut the bottom of the tray out for the wires to go, and then mount the whole lot on the perspex.

I have insulated the wires making a small 4-wire loom for both the main ignition box, and the switch panel itself.

This method of installing STILL retains the use of the key. The whole thing WILL NOT WORK without the key in the ignition and switch to the 2nd setting (dash lights) again this is a personal preference, as some of you may want to get in the car, flick the ignition switch, press the button and she starts up. I however wanted it so I get in the car, insert key, 2nd setting, switch on, push button, starts up.

I hope this guide will help. Good luck!

[Edited on 21-05-2006 by Ian]

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