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Author Calibra leathers into a Corsa including rears

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Ok, have just done this, so took pics along the way for future reference... here goes...

*** You need: Torx Bits, Screwdrivers and Sockets (or spanners) ***

First off, loosen the sill trim panel and put the safety pin into the pre-tensioner - That bit's important!

Then remove the headrest as this will make life easier for you:

Four bolts secure the seat to the subframe, so remove these. They'll be threadlocked in so will take a bit of effort to get moving. Can be tricky to find enough space to move your socket but it's possible... The four locations are highlighted here for you, undo the back two and then the front two:

The seat will tip forward when you take the back ones out making life easier at the front:

Once the bolts are out, only the pre-tensioner wire will be holding the seat in, so snip through the cable ties to release it:

The take your leather Calibra/Cavalier seat (minus head rest) and offer it up to the subframe, then bolt it on using the bolts you removed earlier. If you want you can apply new threadlock here:

Once the front bolts are on (leave them a bit loose til the rears are on so you have some adjustment) cable tie the pre-tensioner cable back up to the seat:

Refit the rear bolts, and remember to remove the saftey pin from the tensioner before you screw the sill trim back in place:

Refit the head rest and then repeat all of the above on the other side!

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To fit the rear calli leather seats you will need to have a 60/40 split backrest. Assuming that you have, I started by taking the original corsa rear seats out (both parts). To take out the base part lift it up and there is a bracket at either end with a screw in, undo the screws and with a bit of pulling and pushing the base should come out.

Next job is to go into the boot. On the back of the back rests there sould be some plastic covers (one at iether side). Take these off and there will be two bolts under each one. Take all 4 of these out and the back rests should come out. The Backrests should come out after that. I cant remember if there are any bolts are in the middle section though but you'll be able to see these if there are. I found having a haynes manual was useful for taking out the back seats. I think their example is from a post 97 corsa. The description i just gave you is from a pre 97 corsa and there are some slight differences. Also when you're doing the back rests some parts might be easier with the seats up and some parts with the seats down.


Now you have your old seats out, I started with the back rests first. Take you old corsa back rest and flip it over so youre lookig at the carpeted side that was in the boot. Start at the bottom and undo all the little plastic stoppers (a flat bladed screw driver comes in handy for this). Once all these are undone the carpet can be lifted up (its still attached at the top tho) and the metal frame of the seat can be seen. At the edges you will see where the material is tucked over and secured. Use a flat blade screw driver to pull it out. After this it will be held on by the button at the top for putting the seat down. Pull the material over this and it should come off, with the padding as well.

Repeat this process on the calli back seats. The reason for this is that the calli frames wont fit in the corsa brackets. Now reverse the process to fit the leather and the calli padding onto the corsa frames. I found it was easier to start by putting the leather(and padding if needs be) over button (for dropping the seats) and then hooking the 3 edges over after that. The calli padding is alot bigger than the original corsa padding so its very tight. Just keep at it and eventually the padding will fit.

NOTE: When this is done the carpet on the back will not fit the base as its a different shape


Alot of people on here have just put the calibra base in and left it at that but I personally found that because of different shapes in the floors from the two cars, the back bench sits very high in a corsa so i decided to take the leather off and put it on my corsa bench. I started by turning the calli bencch over. Theres are metal all the way around holding the leather onto the padding/frame. I undid all of these with a screwdriver. When they are all off, the leather will coem off the base quite easily. After that I put it over the original corsa seat and used some strong string to to hold it on, making a criss cross pattern on the underside of the seat. The only draw back of this is that it leaves the leather very saggy but its really comfy. My advice would be to try putting in the calli bench first and see what you think.


I found it easier to put the back rests in first. It will be a tight fit but it will all go in snug. Just reverse the method used to take them out.

When i reffited my bench (bear in mind it was original corsa bench not the calli) I screwed the two brackets back in and pushed the seat down. Again this is very tight so just keep pushing and youre done.

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