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Author Dash Lights

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Right listen carefully now children

First off get a small flat blade screwdriver, and lever down the vents like so:

then push in either side whilst pulling the vent to unseat it:

and finally pull it out:

do the same with the other side, you will then see two cross head screws, one either side:

remove these and the MFD will lift out like so:

behind the MFD is a connector, press the top part and pull gently:

Next pry off the hazard switch:

then the heater control knobs, first the two outer ones:

then the centre one, this one you need to push the scredriver into the gap at the bottom to release a clip inside:

Next pry off the slider knob:

and then the slider cover:

now you will see two more cross head screws, remove these:

right, back at the top, under where the MFD sits you will see these clips holding the facia on, unclip em:

Now pull the facia off, can be a bit of a bitch but it will come off eventually:

Now you will see the body of the centre console, here is where the bulbs go, as you can see i didnt have any:

the bulbs look like this:

they just push in, bit fiddly but they do go in, check them by turning on the ignition:

I found an old LED version i got from Cobra but god knows where he has gone:

To put everything back its basically the reverse of the above.

while i was at it i re-soldered the connections on my broken MFD and changed the bulbs for some red LED's:

one its all back it should looks something like this:

Hope this quick tutorial helps.


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