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Author Making custom door pods
Andy GSi

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Making Custom Front Door Pods

I thought i would show a step by step guide on how to make custom door build. It takes time but a LOT cheaper than buying from a shop, which can be anything up to £350. Hope this helps:


  1. Tub of P40 (fibre Glass)
  2. Tub of P38 (easy filler)
  3. MDF
  4. Expanding foam
  5. Sand paper (all sizes)
  6. Plastic filer primer
  7. Wood clue
  8. grey primer

    *FG – Fibre Glass

    Step 1:
    Make MDF rings, one to the size of your speaker bracket, so the speaker will fit in. also make one for the base plate as shown below. Also you will need pieces of wood to angle the speaker to your own personal choice.

    Step 2
    This is the fun part. Use expanding foam to fill the gaps in-between the two MDF rings, so you have a base for the FG to stick to. After that is set, cut down the excess to the shape of the MDF rings. As shown in the picture below, in-between the MDF rings.

    Step 3:
    This is the tricky part. Using P40 to mould the shape of your pod. Only put small amount of FG on the pod, and build up the layers. Wait till the FG has completely set before adding the next layer. As you can see on the picture above there is the first layer of FG.

    After all the layers it should look something like this:

    Step 4:
    After you have got the shape with the FG to your liking, use a sander or a DA to smooth the FG. This doesn’t have to be perfect, but to get the shape. As shown below:

    Step 5:
    Use P38 to skim over the FG, but only do one layer to cover the FG. It should look something like this:

    If you have electric windows, bolt these on, and filler over them to get flush (optional)

    Once that is set, sand down to get it dead smooth. And remember to feather the filler into the plastic door card (use the sand paper), to stop it from cracking.

    Step 6:
    Once you have got your shaped pod, its time to fill in all the imperfections. To do this you will need some plastic filler primer. Spray all over the pod as shown below.

    Once done then its simply a repeat till right exercise now, to get the plastic and pod dead smooth (this takes time)

    Step 7:
    Once all that is done, now you got to choose a colour to spray it! You will have to use grey primer before you spray the pod. After the primer has set, you can spray your pod to what ever colour you want. After the paint has settled (let this dry for a night) use t-cut and polish to bring up the shine. Finish pod:

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