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Author Electric Windows (& how to check for loom)

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Ok, here's in a nutshell how to fit electric windows to a manual window car:

-- Check For Internal Wiring Loom --

In order to fit electric windows you have to check to see if your car has the wiring loom to support them in the car itself - if it doesn't then the windows will not work.

There are two ways to do this:

Method A:

1. Open your car door.

2. Unscrew the multiplug which takes the loom throguh to the door wiring harness.

Option 1: Look in the car-side of the multiplug and see if there are a lotof metal connectors in there - if there are about 20 then yes, your car has the wiring for electric mirrors and windows.

Option 2: Remove the rubber cover from the car side of the multiplug to reveal the wires going into the plug itself, then look to see how many wires you have - if there are 19 or 20 then you have the wiring.

Method B:

1. Remove the drivers side kick panel from the side of the footwell to reveal the ECU housing (1 screw at back, 1 at side and 1 screw on sill panel needs removing).

2. find the wiring going up to the big rubber gromit at the door hinge and count the wires there 20 means your in luck.

-- If you HAVE the wiring loom --

You can do work in just the doors and the windows should work - proceed to fitting instructions.

-- If you DO NOT have the loom --

Then you need to buy a better one in order for the windows to work - this is 'cause you need the correctly configured multiplugs and all wiring going into them in order to connect the doors to the car properly. This wiring goes under the seats and is part of the car's main internal loom.

If you have a 3dr Corsa then get a loom complete with correct multiplugs from a high spec Corsa (GSI, SRI or CDX etc) from a breakers.

If you have a 5dr then you need the dash loom from a GLS or any CDX - These are synonymous with rocking-horse poo - rare as hell, but keep looking and one may turn up - try to match up the year as best you can to ensure compatibility - even my '99 car differed slightly to a '97 car. .

-- Fitting Electric Windows --

This assumes you have the necessary wiring in the car:

1. Strip your doors down to the weathershield.

2. Cut away 3 out of 4 sides of weathersheild and tape it out of the way (do not discard!).

3. With the multiplug disconnected, disconnect the door harness wiring from any Central Locking or speakers and remove from car door.

4. Remove the window guide rail from the door by removing the two screws holding it in. the window will now become slightly wobbley.

5. In the middle of the door are two big bolts - these hold the runner for the window. draw round the osition of these bolts before removing them. Watch the state of the glass now as you may need to move the window up and down the for the next bit.

6. Take out the horisontal guide rail, then drill out the rivets holding in the manual window regulator and remove the regulator from the door - and watch the glass! - take that out as well.

7. Insert new door harness.

8. Connect the switches and the motor to the door harness wiring to test the regulators before you fit them to check they work**.

9. Insert new electric regulator and motor and rivet this into place (may use different riveting points) - get a friend to help hold the glass up.

*make sure you rivet it in and not screw it in otherwise over time the screws will become loose and will mess the thing right up*

you need 4.9mm rivets and a pop-riveter or rivet gun to do this.

10. Make sure window runner is positioned correctly (the two bolts marked earlier) to ensure that the windows travel up and down with NO resitance.

11. Re-fit the door and tape up the weathersheild.

12. Reset the electric window motors by closing the window fully, then hold down the switch for 5 seconds until you hear a beep or click or something.

13. Mount switches in door, stand back and admire your handywork, then have a play.

* I haven't actually done this yet but this guide has been written based upon the instructions in the Hayens Manual and what my doors look like.

**You may need to add a fuse into the fuse box - the fuse needed is clearly marked on the fuse box panel by a window icon with arrows on it pointing up and down.


Good luck. It isn't that hard, just take your time etc. If not you can pay a mech to do it for you.

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