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Author Corsa C Dials LED replacement

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You will need 3 or 4 replacement LEDís for this conversion, depending whether you change the bulb illuminating the odometer or not. The MFD uses 2 LEDís. The LED's are available from the user Cobra148 for under a tenner. Wouldnt usually plug in a tutorial, but many users of the site have had problem free dealings with him, and the product offered is of very good value.

As there is already a tutorial on how to change the bulbs in the MFD HERE, Iíve decided not to duplicate it, and instead concentrate on the dash clocks.

Firstly, youíll need a few tools to do the job. The main one you need is a T20 Torx bit, and a multi headed screwdriver/ ratchet adaptor. Youíll also need a narrow flat headed screwdriver, and a table knife. A Torx driver is also much easier to use, than the ratchet adaptor if you have one.

First, undo the two screws right at the bottom of the dash near the foot wells (1). With those two screws out, you now need to remove the storage tray before the panel will slide down. There are two flaps that hold the tray in place (2). Using the screwdriver, bend one of the flaps down, while pulling the top of the tray out and downwards. When a bit of a gap has opened up, wedge the knife in the gap, and keep some pressure on it. Now lever down the other flap, and the tray should hinge forward, and then pull out. The panel should then pull off by pulling it down from the bottom with a bit of force.

You will now see the two screws holding on the dial surround panel (3) & (4). Undo these using the torx driver again. Now undo the screw underneath the top of the dial surround. If you do not have a ratchet adaptor, youíre going to have to use the torx bit, and some pliers. Not ideal, but saves having to go buy one, although there not all that expensive.

Before the dial surround can be removed, the steering column shroud must be removed first. Start by turning the wheel 90į. You will notice a small flap that latches the two pieces together. Using the flat blade screwdriver, pop the flap up (5). Turn the wheel 180į and do the same the other side. The top part of the shroud will now lift out. There are 3 screws holding the bottom piece on. Two on top (6), and one underneath (7). All three are silver screws. Also after un-doing the bottom screw, undo the screw holding on the steering wheel rake handle (7). Remove the key position indicator around the key hole by placing the flat bladed screwdriver behind the rubber, and simply pull it off. Pull the bottom half of the shroud down, pull the rake adjuster down just enough so itís not locked in place, and then slide the shroud over the rod. You can now remove the dial surround panel. This may be easier to do if you unclip the wiper/indicator stalks by pressing the clips in (8), and sliding them out.

Now all thatís left is to take out the dials themselves. These are held in place by two screws at each bottom corner (9), and a clip at the top. Remove the screws, push the clip up, and the dials will slide out.

Now all thatís left to do is to replace the bulbs with the LEDís. Simply turn the bulbs 90į and lift them out. The bulbs labelled A, B and C are for the main illumination of the dials. The bulb labelled E on the dash is for the odometer illumination (10). Remember when fitting the LEDís that they will only work one way. Be sure youíve got them all the right way before refitting all the dash panels!

And the finished result:

Originally submitted by Rob H

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