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posted on 8th Aug 12 at 14:28

they were fake kahns, masitaly wheels but I did love them too hehe


posted on 8th Aug 12 at 11:03

Love the green wheels, are they khans?

Exhaust is weirdly cool haha


posted on 8th Aug 12 at 08:23

Looks :cool: with the smooth bumpers!


posted on 8th Aug 12 at 08:08

this is quite nice i like how different the exhaust is :)


posted on 8th Aug 12 at 00:26

haha yeah i do have a wheel fettish lol! she has had more shoes than me, and me being a girl then its rather bad!

and iv just made a thread for the b :)

Matty W

posted on 8th Aug 12 at 00:19

Its had more wheels than ive had meals.
Really suits the sri's though

Would look awesome with gloss black arches and skirts.

Exhaust is... well.. different.. but different can be good

Any pics of the B?

[Edited on 08-08-2012 by Matty W]


posted on 8th Aug 12 at 00:08

Looks nice that.

Not a fan of the exhaust though.


posted on 8th Aug 12 at 00:04

all opinions welcome :)

and here is her her with some posers lol

(unfortunate gust of wind!)


posted on 8th Aug 12 at 00:03

Ditto the above. Random Green bits re marmite

Good effort.


posted on 7th Aug 12 at 23:59

Not sure I'm in love with the random green bits but it looks well in the last pic.


posted on 7th Aug 12 at 23:58

oh and a SRi spoiler was put on at some point too


posted on 7th Aug 12 at 23:56

my green fettish went a bit crazy as I got my winter wheels painted

got a new set for this year, these are titanium grey

and this is her with them on at the Scottish Car Show 2012


posted on 7th Aug 12 at 23:53

did you get the replacement door from allparts in highbonnybridge? i like the custom grill, id like to do it with a sri lower grill so it all matches but i dont have the patience :(


posted on 7th Aug 12 at 23:51

this was my poor alloy after the pothole on the motorway :(

popped the tyre aswel!


posted on 7th Aug 12 at 23:49

Took her to the rollers

i was rather disappointed with the power, but discovered she was over boosting. this is now sorted so hoping to take her back at some point


posted on 7th Aug 12 at 23:47

hit a pot hole over the winter and hurt my alloy so she was on steelies on the fronts and sris on the rear until it was repaired :(

got her irmy side skirts and splitter

SRi mirrors

and irmy and SRi grilles

painted the rocker cover to match the brakes

Got the bumpers smoothed

upgrades the shocks and brakes

sound proofing on the doors

Also my favourite mod! my custom decat exhaust (love haters!)


posted on 7th Aug 12 at 23:39

This is my Corsa C, Her name is Fiskin!

She is a 1.3CDTi SXi

This was her the day i bought her

Changed the wheels when i got home

Got 'burg decals, the bonnet ones were horrific and got redone, then i saw sense later and took of the front and back ones, the roof ones are still on

Changed all the bulbs to get rid on the yellow and a set of HIDS

Tried to derubstrip, failed!

Got a new door :) thanks to me awesome bf

lowered on coilies

hated them so off them came and on with lowering springs

tinted the windows

tried on my Kahns from my astra van, DROOL!

made a custom grille

colour coded the centre console

Painted callipers green :D

Got myself some proper wheels

and my personalised plate