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posted on 26th Nov 07 at 11:32

im still having trouble connecting my ps3 via ethernet into my router!!
ps3 aparently cant find the ip adress and times out the conneciton

Bullet Proof SRi

posted on 26th Nov 07 at 11:23

should be ok, i have 2 broadband modems , so i can use the spare just for the ps3 , is that right


posted on 26th Nov 07 at 01:17

He hasent got a wireless router tho IvIarkgraham :o ???

you get a lan cable with the ps3 plug that into the modem and then into the ps3.

Easyier with something like a netgear wireless router tho as sometimes you need to change the settings on the modem.

Ps2 was wired only took me ages to work it out had to adjust the antivirus on my pc for the ps2 to work online, Missions.

Wireless is alot easyier, ebay might have some cheap netgear router or that alike.

[Edited on 26-11-2007 by Sunz]


posted on 26th Nov 07 at 00:50

it has in built wifi for wireless

Bullet Proof SRi

posted on 26th Nov 07 at 00:34

Getting a PS3 for chrimbo.

i dont have a wireless router, how do i connect, plug it into my modem from my pc or summin