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posted on 9th Aug 07 at 18:40

looks really good the mrs thought i was watching a film lol


posted on 9th Aug 07 at 07:55

downloaded the trailer off xbox live.... tis be good:thumbs:


posted on 9th Aug 07 at 07:31

will become the same deal with films sooner or later, if a white guys shoots a black guy in a film thatll be racist, but when will smith and martin lawrence wipe out some white drug lords thatll be cool


posted on 8th Aug 07 at 20:44

dosnet give them a reason to explode acusing people of racisum ect.
they should look into these things more befor chatting shit.
im so angery these days :mad:


posted on 8th Aug 07 at 20:31

Originally posted by Marc
People have branded it racist :lol:

Hardly suprising since in the trailer you're a big white guy gunning down loads of poor-looking black people.
people who don't know anything about resident evil are watching it and going what the fuck?


posted on 8th Aug 07 at 20:31

i saw that :lol:
what ever next


posted on 8th Aug 07 at 17:20

People have branded it racist :lol:


posted on 8th Aug 07 at 11:00

Yea mate looks great, got it on pre-order!

Also Assassins Creed, had that on pre-order for months, meant to be out Sep 1st, but its been put back till October doh!

Matt H

posted on 8th Aug 07 at 10:56

Anyone seen the trailer yet? Looks :cool:

It's on the d/l section on the PS3 & you can watch the HD trailer, looks like it's set somewhere in Africa in loads of little huts & shanty towns. Graphics are amazing for the zombies & looks like they've changed how you recieve damage (get knocked on the floor etc rather than just bleed)

Resi 4 on the Wii was really good, the control system is really good, but It'll be hard to choose between the two!