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posted on 3rd Oct 06 at 13:45

this site is php, i would of loved to do it in asp but there was already 6 different open souce projects avabable that i need to write so just butchered them into one and put a pretty template on top. just got to intergrate the phpbb users with the softwares now and its pretty much done. (but that is also becoming a ball ache.)


posted on 3rd Oct 06 at 13:09

Well what are you developing in?

Just write a function that calls stored procedures etc, your end, as well as sending them to the Nochex page.

Think you use .Net dont you?

Use and ASP Link button and call it from that :look:


posted on 3rd Oct 06 at 13:05

Yeah done that cheers, had the link on registering but not the amount and they had to enter it, be nice if i could get it to automaticaly edit the database my end as well lol.


posted on 3rd Oct 06 at 12:52

In that case you can just pass the parameters into the Nochex DLL like on that first link I posted :)


posted on 3rd Oct 06 at 12:44

its just a one off payment each year, the same as preiuem membership here really.

Paypal means you need an account though which is shit.


posted on 3rd Oct 06 at 12:07

Depends if your users will just be able to buy stuff individually, effectively having a purchase link on each product.

Or being able to build up a shopping basket of products and then processing the whole basket in one transaction.

If the former is the case, you can just call the Nochex DLL passing in various parameters.

See here:

Otherwise you will need to build your shopping basket first and then call the Nochex DLL from the basket to process to the total of the basket.

Theres some stuff about it here:

But TBH I think Paypal provides better support for developers.


posted on 3rd Oct 06 at 10:32

Ideally wanted to use nochex as it its UK based and the charge is 38 and therefore users do not need an account with the payment module if you get me.


posted on 3rd Oct 06 at 10:24

i can point you in the direction if you wanted it thru paypal


posted on 3rd Oct 06 at 08:00

I copied the link but I want it so when a user goes to purchase the service it automaticaly comes up with the right price.


posted on 3rd Oct 06 at 03:39

i think you can just copy and paste the link which is provided on your Nochex Account. That's how I used to do, but it might have changed now since I haven't used it for quite some time now


posted on 2nd Oct 06 at 22:26

I need to integrate nochex into a website like corsasport there is only one set price for the service much like premium membership.

Any ideas.