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posted on 29th Mar 18 at 09:07

I have an idea that we make steering wheels from pork and bacon to stop these terrorists using vehicles to run people over

Jed D

posted on 28th Mar 18 at 16:45

Originally posted by Ian
Lets wait until it happens to worry, lots of shit being spoken about what may or may not happen.

meanwhile, in Russia :lol:


posted on 22nd Mar 18 at 09:52



posted on 16th Mar 18 at 19:29

Particularly as your MOT will have expired by then so you'll need to come home anyway. I know also in Spain you can't spend too long on your domestic registration, they want it re-registering as a Spanish car after 6 months I think. Licence will be the least of your worries if you're planning to spend that length of time abroad.


posted on 15th Mar 18 at 17:00

Doubt it, non-EU drivers can drive on their 'home' license for upto 12 months of being in the UK, which I would imagine fits in with EU law, so unless the EU are going to specifically ban UK licenses then, at worst, it'll just be another 'non-EU' license and will fall under the same legislation. If you're living in the EU for more than 12 months you'll possibly need an EU license but if you've gone through the hassle of a move to another country then passing another driving test shouldn't be much of a drama.


posted on 15th Mar 18 at 16:33

I hope we stop all the foreigners driving over here in shoddy cars and dodgy trucks as knock for knock.


posted on 15th Mar 18 at 16:28

Lets wait until it happens to worry, lots of shit being spoken about what may or may not happen.


posted on 15th Mar 18 at 12:38

Seems like the uk driving license won’t be valid in Europe after Brexit.

We’ll be having to apply for International Driving Licences.