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posted on 14th Jul 17 at 12:57

i never broke the 70mph mark


posted on 14th Jul 17 at 12:27

I know a guy who works for one of the insurance box companies, they had a guy once with high speed readings who claimed he was stuck in traffic. He didn't mention doing 100mph between the queues when it was clear for 30 seconds


posted on 14th Jul 17 at 11:06

mine was recorded stuck in traffic going down south.

no idea why it was so low?


posted on 14th Jul 17 at 00:15

Can tell everyone is getting old now. 10 years ago everyone would be competing to get the lowest score! :lol:


posted on 1st Jul 17 at 16:22



posted on 1st Jul 17 at 10:41

Done it. Scored 8.8 out of 10 and a huge discount on the insurance. Can delete the app now.

Worth doing :thumbs:


posted on 21st Jun 17 at 16:05

I was thinking about downloading it for the next track day :D


posted on 21st Jun 17 at 12:39

It's car renewal time for me. I was with aviva last year and they have just matched down to around the prices on the comparison sites (over 500 down to 448). With the increase in premium tax I was quite happy with that anyway.

The guy started going on about aviva drive app to get a nice discount on my premium - a score of 7.1 out of 10 will get you a discount of over 20% - in my case he quoted it would bring it to 322!

I said straight away I wouldn't be interested as I don't like the idea of black boxes and my car being tracked. He pointed out its a challenge over 200 miles and see what the score is. You can pick and choose when it records and what journeys are covered. Then simply delete the app once you are done.

So I'm going to give it a bash. My driving is pretty careful these days with the exception of making good time over motorways and NSL roads :0

Anyone else that's done it on here? Post your scores!