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posted on 14th Oct 14 at 09:21

no taking it out is enough for me


posted on 13th Oct 14 at 20:27

You fitting it too?


posted on 13th Oct 14 at 20:01

Asking price - ebay fees will try and get him to cancel once fitted


posted on 13th Oct 14 at 18:58



posted on 13th Oct 14 at 17:13

Sold :)


posted on 4th Oct 14 at 20:12

I paid 600 all in for mine from dan and that was spot on no leaks nothing. That got put in my corsa and abused daily. Your too expensive mate


posted on 4th Oct 14 at 19:23

Dreaming at that price can get same set up on eBay for the 400 mark


posted on 3rd Oct 14 at 19:31

Be longer than a couple weeks with how much youre asking for


posted on 3rd Oct 14 at 09:48

Just had someone from Mexico asking about postage quick check 975.
In a couple of weeks I will be able to stick it all on a pallet and get it sent within the UK for a bit less


posted on 30th Sep 14 at 20:51

600 I've just taken 50 off


posted on 30th Sep 14 at 18:58

whats your lowest mate didn't see the oil leak part m8 very intrested


posted on 30th Sep 14 at 18:24

It's not a dog it drives well doesn't smoke


posted on 30th Sep 14 at 18:13

hows it worth 600 if engine a dog


posted on 29th Sep 14 at 17:05

Price drop 600

Receipts for the exhaust system, shaft and mounts come to much more than this asking price


posted on 22nd Sep 14 at 11:28

I'll have the gauge panel and gauges if you post?


posted on 21st Sep 14 at 22:14

I'm in no rush to sell so will stay at 650 for a bit. eBay is more to advertise than actual auction


posted on 21st Sep 14 at 18:46

I'll have the hubs mounts shafts and the gauges


posted on 21st Sep 14 at 17:49

Surprised you listed this 650 start on ebay - was hoping it may come down in price not up lol


posted on 17th Sep 14 at 19:37

Can throw in gauges as well


posted on 15th Sep 14 at 21:18

Don't really want to do this but the engine needs a bit of money spending on it and I have a better lower mileage engine waiting to go in

So you are getting a complete kit to fit in a bog standard early corsa

Engine 90k miles no proof, f20 gearbox, mounts, shafts, hubs, ECU and loom, complete 2" stainless exhaust, silicon hoses and bigger diesel rad, mocal oil cooler

Bad bits: the engine has some oil leaks so guess you would have to replace sump and rocker cover gaskets. I have no idea when the cambelt was last done. The outer cv boots are split.