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posted on 22nd Jan 06 at 14:38


I got to go to burnley for new windscreen tomorrow morning so will pop in sumwer and get em dun whilst im there.


posted on 20th Jan 06 at 18:08

Just get them balanced properly, mine are buckled slightly and they dont shake and we get loads of cars in at work with majorly buckled wheels and they never come back complaining of wheel wobble.


posted on 20th Jan 06 at 11:39



posted on 20th Jan 06 at 11:02


According to the guy in a garage, my wheels r slightly buckeld and that is causing the vibration :(


posted on 16th Jan 06 at 15:41

Will trek my arse down to a garange tomorrow then :)


posted on 16th Jan 06 at 11:47

also have wheels checked for being buckeled


posted on 16th Jan 06 at 09:00

wheel balancing and tracking needs doing.

if that doesnt fix it get said wishbone.


posted on 15th Jan 06 at 14:06

Its fucked, totally its gona cost you loads and loads to get it sorted :P

If its a wishbone, there cheap as chips anyways... get under your car and compare them see if its bent. Have you cracked a kerb at any point?

before you get the tracking and balanceing done... make sure that TCA (wishbone) is straight.


posted on 15th Jan 06 at 13:46

souns like wheels just need balancing and tracking


posted on 15th Jan 06 at 13:13

Car shakes to fcuk when going over 40 MPH.... Im guessing wheels aint ballanced or something.... Car also pulls to the left :( This has happened since i put my 18" rims on :(

Any ideas wht is wrong/any recommendations of anywhere that look at it local to rawtenstall. ... I took it to Kwikfit and he started going on about something being wrong with a wishbone or something like this and they couldnt fix it.... Dnt know jack about this sorta stuff so dnt wanna pay money for sum1 to change imaginary parts.