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posted on 15th Aug 03 at 13:02

go on then.... these have resisters built in which can handle up to 15v i persume?

can u pm me the details of where to send payment etc?


posted on 15th Aug 03 at 12:59

Can do you a pair for 4


posted on 15th Aug 03 at 12:56

whats the price for the more brighter ones?


posted on 15th Aug 03 at 12:55

Thats right Steve, like I said in the thread above, red is the worst colour to see in direct sunlight.

Green is one of the best colours for visibility in direct sun.

Mel, I can do you plug and play leds, ready fitted in the holder for 1.55, if you want two, call it 3 post paid.


posted on 15th Aug 03 at 12:48

Just thinking, you can see by that pic that the mfd cover (pod) casts a big shadow over the mfd display. May be giving a brighter look to the display?

Not sure if ill need the brighter ones as I haven't got any shadow over the display.

How much you talking about?

[Edited on 15-08-2003 by Corsa_Mel]


posted on 15th Aug 03 at 12:48

i bought a set of red off cobra for my girlfriends corsa. They are very bright at nite but in the day they r a bit dim but are still visible.
She's very pleased with them


posted on 15th Aug 03 at 12:40

They are the same leds as I have in my mfd in pic below. I can do even brighter ones if needed up to 10000mcd in blue although these cost a bit more.


posted on 15th Aug 03 at 12:31

so these defo shine up the display in the daylight enough so u can see the time/date and temp?


posted on 15th Aug 03 at 12:09

I can do you two of these on the bottom row in the pic, if you like. Simply plug straight in, no soldering etc.


posted on 15th Aug 03 at 11:26

I've used 5mm leds and ive just soldered them onto the contacts on the pcb. I've drilled 2 holes in the white plastic casing for the other 2.

Do you mean 3000mcd and 6000mcd? As there are currently some 5,500 MCD 5mm LEDS on ebay with a viewing angle of 20 degrees. May be there are more suited?


posted on 15th Aug 03 at 11:18

Only 10 degrees, I use a minimum of +/- 30 degrees, usually 6oo mcd brightness but even 300 mcd are plenty bright enough.
Do yours have a clear lens, you haven't used blue panel leds by any chance?
I'm suprised you have been able to use 4, I assume you wired them directly to the existing bulb holder, but the hole in the back of the mfd is too small for two 5 mm leds in each.
Take a look in my garage, the mfd there is only done with 300 mcd leds.


posted on 15th Aug 03 at 10:48

haven't got the details on me... the viewing angle is only 10 degrees though. Which obviously doesn't help.

what are the specs of the ones that you use? when the sun is shining into my car i can't see any of the info at all!


posted on 15th Aug 03 at 10:45

You should be able to see the blue in sunlight, its usually red that is difficult to see. Do you know what type/rating leds you used, you might have unsuitable ones.


posted on 15th Aug 03 at 10:28

i can tell the time date and temp but it is very dim but at night its well bright


posted on 15th Aug 03 at 10:19

can u see the info clearly in the day (sun light)?


posted on 15th Aug 03 at 10:18

i have blue leds in mine
didnt solder tho bought them jus straight swap from normal bulbs


posted on 15th Aug 03 at 10:13

I have soldered some blue leds into my mfd.. I actually have 4 in there now.

Still can't see the time and date during the day time. Has anyone got blue leds in their mfd and their bright enough to shine through in the day?

I dont have my mfd in the original place so this might affect it as theres no shade casting over the display?

cheers for any help.