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posted on 29th Jun 03 at 16:21

I was just joking ;)


posted on 29th Jun 03 at 15:25

thanx austin!


posted on 29th Jun 03 at 15:23

dont believe what it says, it is a mod that decreases engine life.

All the resistor does is make the ECU think that the air being taken in is really cold, so it adjusts the mixture ect to give a higher output.

I wouldnt even risk it tbh


posted on 29th Jun 03 at 15:02

whered u got urs frm and-m? and how much? thnx


posted on 29th Jun 03 at 14:32

I got 30bhp from mine ;)

Wolf In Welsh Clothing

posted on 29th Jun 03 at 13:56

Not even a chip!
Just a resistor available for under 20p from maplins!
Wont give you 20bhp!
If it sounds too good to be true then it normally is!


posted on 29th Jun 03 at 13:11

Stupid Question:: say u bough this chip can u fit it yourself or would you have to take it to a garage.


posted on 29th Jun 03 at 12:05

hi! does anyone knw if the mod chips to gain 20 bhp auctioned at ebay n other sites actually wrk? are they wrth buyin?