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posted on 29th Jul 19 at 02:42

Very common on the C so yeah worth a proper strip down.


posted on 23rd Jul 19 at 19:26

Doing all this for a common water leak - the bulkhead behind the brake servo etc has been sealed - but she still leaks - so its a major strip ouot to work out where its coming in from :thumbs:


posted on 23rd Jul 19 at 19:25

well - 3 screws from inside car on dash TORX heads small on left & 2 small TORX screws inside car on right - dash tight along windscreen - so wipers removed - scuttle panel lifted .....:nod: YEP 2 13mm nuts :nod::nod: what a stupid idea compared to todays modern cars but then again some of the ideas on todays modern cars ....:lol:

YEP 2 NUTS my friends - dont touch the bolts heads you will see - looking at their positioning i would say they were related to the CRASHBAR that sits behind the dash.


posted on 18th Jul 19 at 20:41

Never done it but yeah, other guides to talk about nuts behind the wiper motor.


posted on 18th Jul 19 at 19:13

just seen a topic suggesting bolted from the outside ?? ie - remove wipers and panels ? and possibly fittings under here ?? any one willing to confirm be much appreaited - cheers andy


posted on 18th Jul 19 at 19:06

Hi all, hoping some one can shed some light to this group...... im trying to remove my complete dash - clocks / radio / grills out etc, screws from side of dash and lower section by tunnel - but it seems very rigid and secure along the windscreen line with no give ??

Have i missed something ? .... comments greatfully accepted.

Cheers Andy