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posted on 28th Aug 17 at 00:40

or they share an earth, try a jump lead from batt neg to a decent metal part of engine


posted on 27th Aug 17 at 17:55

Not familiar with that one, next thing to check is the loom that comes from both sensors and find out where that routes and what it plugs in to. I would suspect they share a connector and that needs inspecting

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posted on 27th Aug 17 at 08:14

Thank you for replying :).

The engine I have is the x12xe EcoTec.

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posted on 27th Aug 17 at 01:20

650 is because the light is open circuit

340 is cam sensor
335 is crank

Both codes are circuit malfunction which would implicate the wiring.

If you can confirm which engine you have it may be that the wiring diagram will give you some commonality between the sensors and that will be where to look for failures in the wiring.


posted on 26th Aug 17 at 21:23

Hey, sorry to bring back such an old post, but my 1999 Corsa B GLS 5d is having these problems also. I recently bought it and it's struggling pretty badly already.

The symptoms are:
- Starting the car takes multiple tries
- When it starts, the engine will go for a moment then the RPM will drop until it cuts out.
- If I try to press the accelerator in this time, the engine will cut out.
- Eventually after a few times of turning it back on, it will allow me to rev the engine
- After that, putting it into Drive or Reverse and then hitting the accelerator will cause the car to cut out
- After turning it back on and trying the same thing again a few times, it will not cut out
-If I then build it up to speed, it will drive fine until the engine next cools down.

What I have done:
- Checked the battery, it seems new and the fact the car runs fine after building up speeds suggests that the battery should be ok. Feel free to tell me otherwise.
- Checked the air filter, it seems relatively new also and is not in a bad condition at all.
- Taken the car to a garage, they plugged in an OBD2 reader and got the following error codes: P0100, P0650, P0340, P0335
- The same garage swapped out the MAF sensor and it didn't change anything, so they put the old one back in and didn't charge me for the part. We also discovered that the engine management light in the dash had been removed.
- Got a mobile mechanic out to take a look and swapped out the MAF sensor again along with the Cam Shaft sensor and the Crank Shaft Sensor. That didn't fix anything and we could no longer connect the OBD2 reader to the car to see if they at least cleared the faults, it could not connect to the ECU.

Now the car is struggling even more to start after the part swaps. Both mechanics have advised that I should scrap the car, but I am hoping that someone here might have some idea on whats wrong and how to fix this before having to resort to that.

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posted on 28th Aug 16 at 22:44

Yes the get fuel and spark to the spark plugs. I did take out all the fuses to check them, after that it wont even start with a tow. Could it be the ecu?


posted on 28th Aug 16 at 13:30

You got fuel at the rail?


posted on 28th Aug 16 at 13:09

Hello. Im new to this forum but with a problem that i have been working on for 4 days. My corsa b wont start up normaly but when its towed i can hold the rpm so it runs, soon as i let it on idle rpm it turns of. I have changed out all sensors and everything but still the same. Can someone help