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posted on 24th Aug 11 at 12:30

They dont corner well :lol:


posted on 24th Aug 11 at 11:26

ive heard paul got shit from power crazy got lazy and his conversions are not what they use to be


posted on 23rd Aug 11 at 19:24

that would work lol


posted on 21st Aug 11 at 16:50

Originally posted by Slugger1990
if your wanting 1 converted ur better just sendin the shell + engine away to the likes of power crazy at lincoln instead of the hassle of trying to do it urself

Or just the shell he will source the engine rebuild it and fit it along with all parts needed and full hose kit for about 1500


posted on 21st Aug 11 at 16:11

could you use an f23 box


posted on 21st Aug 11 at 15:29

if your wanting 1 converted ur better just sendin the shell + engine away to the likes of power crazy at lincoln instead of the hassle of trying to do it urself


posted on 21st Aug 11 at 13:19

Hi mate,
The reason why there are not many about as they are a total pig to do, as they cost alot on parts to make them fit, and people can have a C20let for about the same price if not cheaper.

Cutting the bodys is really not need, just the bulkhead as there no room for the inlet system or throttle system. Also so you can get the inlet on and off.

Custom engine mount is needed, on the drivers side which need to go threw a Belt so is alittle pain in the arse.

when fitting the engine you need to Strip it total down to a bare block mount it and then add all the bits, as there is no room at all in the bay to do anything.

Now here the main Problem and the money shot
the manifolds, the front one hits the crossmember and the rear one (which is the bitch) hits the steering rack, as there is no room at all between the engine and the rack, so both manifold need custom making, which is a Nightmare. as its a matter of make a bit test it make abit more test that, reason being theres only about 3" between the block and rack and in that room you need to make a down pipe with a curve and design it to you can bolt it on.
When i was building mine i spoke to a lad who was one of the first to fit a V6 and he has to Cut his manifold off whenever he wants to take it off and reweld it back on.
mine takes 4hours to take off as i only have about 5mm of spanner movment.
To get a company to make theres your looking about 400 per manifold. Not sure what other people have done.

You will also need a F20 Gearbox and Flywheel plus a put a good clutch in while its out, my brand new standard vauxhall one lasted 2 months (300miles)

Cooling the engine is another people, i had head gaskets go in a week (plus another V6 corsa i know went after 3 weeks and e went back to XE) get the biggest Rad you can fit Plus spend money on good fans, i have 2 Kenlow fans which cost 40 each and are well worth every penny.

shafts again upto you, if your using the Split shaft and middle mount you going to need to make a spacer as theres a gap.

as for Power i wouldent like to say with a C20LET as i havent been aside one, the V6 engine swop in a corsa has not got to be down to power its got to be down to wanting the engine in there, and enjoying the sound it makes (which it awsome), if it was down to power you could get a LET in there which in the long run you could get alot more power out off, where 210bhp is about the limits off a V6 without spending alot of money (unless you got NOS)

Tomm R

posted on 21st Aug 11 at 13:00

Originally posted by Ian
2.5 is 174 standard, 195 with Vectra GSi cams.
3.0 is 211

Omega donor will need a different sump to clear the front manifold.

Is that figure on the 2.5 on every 2.5 apart from the GSi? I seem to have noticed that there are a lot of models which come with the 2.5 and some are a lot cheaper than others.

Is there anything different with the GSi inlet set up compared to the standard 2.5?

I am just woundering if it possible to borrow parts from the 3.0 for the 2.5? Is there much differance in heads? Is the TB on the 3.0 larger than the 2.5? Are there much gains on the V6 with polished ports? Do the Gsi Cams offer any advantage to the 3.0?

Lastly (for the minute anyway) how chalenging is the wiring in for a V6 conversion? Is it on par with that involved in a XE? Are there enough places to find guides and ask for help?

Thanks again


posted on 20th Aug 11 at 21:33

Will the vectra gsi cams fit into a c25xe? My mate has got the 2.5 v6 in his B and its a absolute animal! Some people say they are crap on corners, this one doesn't seem to be, just shite in the wet can get it spinning into 4th gear haha


posted on 20th Aug 11 at 16:49

2.5 is 174 standard, 195 with Vectra GSi cams.
3.0 is 211

Omega donor will need a different sump to clear the front manifold.

Tomm R

posted on 20th Aug 11 at 16:46

Thanks for the reply man! Seems to cover all of my current questions.

A siliar weight to the XE is pretty reasuring. Having the weight further forward doesnt seem like it is a overly bad thing?

Power wise is there much differance in the 2.5 compared to the 3.0? From my very basic research the 3.0 seems to be more sought after than the 2.5.

The only one person i know who has had any dealings with V6's put one in a astra and then couldnt get it to run. I havent seen them since and this was about 3 years ago.

Slam pannel and custom downpipe fabrication doesnt seem to be like too much work. Should easily be tackled.

Thanks again!


posted on 20th Aug 11 at 13:59

2.5 Or 3.0 is the normal conversion, partly cos they pop up for sale a lot. Got no idea on the 2.6.

Weightwise, bugger all in it, I don't think theres a lot between a XE and V6 but the V6 has half of the engine hanging further forward.

PAS should be easily keept.

Wiring should all be the same, they will all need the imob keept. Very similar to any other conversion (like XE).

Aren't many tuning options, If its a 2.5 fit 3.0 cams (same as Vec GSI had std), otherwise a worthwhile mod is a flat flywheel from a XE as that makes the engine rev much quicker.

Otherstuff to bare in mind is your need a F20 (or similar) gearbox, Rear downpipe will need to be custom made in the car to clear the steering rack and the slam panel may need some mods to clear the front head and be able to get the dipstick out.

Also before fitting its a good idea to change the plastic cam covers (If it has them) to metal ones as these are less likely to leak.

Hope this helps.

Tomm R

posted on 20th Aug 11 at 13:44

This is mainly because this is a subject i know nothing about and wanted to learn a bit about it.

I am not interested in what is a more cost effective conversion and what weighs less and is better and all of that lark unless it is V6 based. I am just generaly interested in a few things.

Now which are the V6 engines to have? I notice they came in Cavaliers, Calibras Vectras and Omegas in 2.5, 2.6 and 3.0?

Which is the engine to have?

Is there much noticeable driving weight differance between the 2.5 and the 3.0 engines?

I realise that the V6 lumps are big so is it possibe to retain the power steering when these are fitted in a B?

Is the wiring involved in fitting a 2.5 the same as a 2.6 and 3.0?

Is there any/many tuning options on the v6 engines when compared to the straight 4?

I think that is about it for now. I am sure i will have some more questions later down the line. I just wanted to know what was what.