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posted on 29th Jun 11 at 14:56

try a spare key, this happened on my car, was stuck at work.

seemed to be my main key had worn away after being used so much, been using the spare for the last few years


posted on 29th Jun 11 at 11:34

hi fazza, cheers for reply. slight revelation, whilst pushing the key forwards in the barrel i hit the barrel casing with a hammer 5-6 times, the key clicked and i was able to start the car and mvoe it closer to my house, lol.

that being the case, it means i can get the barrel to position 2, and with that i can most likely remove the barrel the normal way. which makes me happy, lol. no drilling!

i procured the use of another car for the nex 2 days im at work, then im off on saturday and god hoping the barrel has arrived by saturday and i can swap them out like a normal ignition barrel swap.

i was dreading taking ignition switch off anyway, everytime i've touched one in the past they've broken into a billion bits. Ordered one of them just incase but prob returning for a refund now as wont need to take switch off..

ty all


posted on 29th Jun 11 at 10:34

You need to drill the barrell(where u put the key) remove the ignition switch, you will be able to put the key into that to start the engine.

As u drill it, you will release 8 metal wafers(brass) once there all out the whole lock should just pull out and u can replace when it arrives.

To start the car with the ignition switch you will need to tape the key to the black ring that goes around the ignition barrel(this will remove the immobiliser to start the car)

I do have pictures somewhere but on my fone at the minute so can't get to them. Its an easy enough job, just take your time when drilling


posted on 29th Jun 11 at 09:16

At this point i'm not trying to remove the barrel as i cant turn the key, the barrel is seized. What im trying to do here is take the whole barrel and casingoff of the steering column so as to bypass the steering lock.


posted on 29th Jun 11 at 08:49

Dont you need to try the key to get it out? Ive read before you undo some bits, put the key in and turn it to either one or two and then press a small pin in. After that it just come outs


posted on 29th Jun 11 at 08:26

Hi, yesterday my ignition barrel decided it was time for it not to move anymore. It's stuck solid, can't disengage the steering lock or turn the key whatsoever.

I need the car for work tomorrow so I need to bodge it into working, i've got a new ignition switch and barrel with keys coming in the post, but they wont be here til the weekend.

I've got the cowling off and was told i'd need to undo a sheer bolt that holds the barrel and lock mech to the column (to disable the steering lock), but on looking, theres 6 sheer bolts all in that area and i'm not sure which one's the right one...

Any advice? I can get pics of it if needed. The general idea was, to take barrel off column to get rid of steering lock, then take ignition switch off barrel and use a screwdriver to turn the switch by itself.