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Chris R

posted on 4th Dec 06 at 13:22

and clutch switch if you do not already have it :)


posted on 4th Dec 06 at 13:21

I'll give it a go anyway, it's only the price of a stalk.

Getting one ordered in just now.

Chris R

posted on 4th Dec 06 at 13:16

I have a LOT more info here on what plugs it went through to get where it needed to go (based on mine.) just ask if it applies to you :)

Chris R

posted on 4th Dec 06 at 13:15

duuno. traced mine on a paper manual. find the indicator stalk and the clutch switch diagrams and that will give it to you - assuming you have a 5sp manual like I do.


posted on 4th Dec 06 at 13:12

Wonder if it would work on the 1.3cdti, i spent hours on tis tracing wiring but never got round to doing it.

Chris R

posted on 4th Dec 06 at 13:08

maybe a mod can. I put it where it would be seen. took me 3 hirs of reading a manual to find it and another 2 hrs to make it go. (I had the Software done already.)

Corsa E-Tec

posted on 4th Dec 06 at 13:06

Cool, i dont have a C but good info.

Could put in the tutorials!

Chris R

posted on 4th Dec 06 at 12:49

firstly I am NOT responsible on how you use this information!!

this was done by myself on a 2006 COMBO C.

managed to grab a tech book of a dealer and have nutted out how the OEM cruise works!!! this is for the Z14XE engine ONLY.

in my case I had everything in place EXCEPT the clutch switch wiring to the ECU - I had it to the relay panel only !!!

it has two missing wires that need to be added to the harness.

the plugs are numbered so that makes the next bit easy!

on the stalk its pin 4 in the indicator stalk plug that is missing this goes to pin 2 of the BCM (rear plug looking down at BCM area- BCM removed.)

on the body harness its the clutch switch wire (grey wire on gry plug in drv KP) thats missing through to the engine computer (pin 61 on body harness->ECU plug.)

the plug for the clutch switch is above the clutch pedal - terminates in the drivers KP in a grey plug.

now there are two settings that need to be turned on:
one on in the BCM and one in the ECM. you will need level two and three security off TIS to get the engine one. if you are mates with a dealer its a bit easier!

grab a cruise stalk and a clutch switch and you are done.

btw - hte dealer told me it wouldn't work like most other things I have done to this van that do!