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James R

posted on 12th Feb 06 at 22:39

on the 1.6 16v the pistons have little cut outs to let the vlaves clear the piston at TDC. does the engine turn over without any contacts on the valves/pistons?


posted on 12th Feb 06 at 21:30

ive just had a look at the bottom end corsa one i took off and the pistons are raised a little bit in the middle and about 5mm all round the edge they are lower. however the astra bottom end is the other way round but none of them have valve cut outs.


posted on 12th Feb 06 at 21:20

yes im using the corsa head and got the corsa bottom pulley as the corsa cambelt wouldnt fit the astra bottom pulley because it had more teeth. no i havent put any valve cut outs in what are they.
thanks adam

James R

posted on 12th Feb 06 at 21:17

if you are using the corsa head, then the corsa bottom pulley is needed. Have you put in vlave cut outs on the 1.6 8v pistons?


posted on 12th Feb 06 at 21:03

bttt anyone i need to know before i refit the engine tomorrow


posted on 12th Feb 06 at 15:59

ive just fitted a 1.6 8v astra bottom end to my 1.4 16v corsa head its all rebuilt and ready to put back in tomorrow but i have a quick question. i had to use the corsa bottom end water pump and crankshaft toothed pulley because my cam belt wouldnt fit on the astra ones. it all alligns correctly when the cambelt is put back on but the asta pulley had more teeth then the corsa one i have fitted. will it still run fine. any help would be great.
thanks adam