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posted on 29th Aug 04 at 21:50

if you cut the orange wire they go super bright too


posted on 29th Aug 04 at 18:42

its the best thing about corsa's :lol:


posted on 29th Aug 04 at 18:38

mine dims too when i put lights,etc on!

have to use the wee "switch" to make em lighter again!!

didnt know abar that wee switch either, Icy told me bout it :lol:


posted on 29th Aug 04 at 12:43

cheers guys.
much appreciated


posted on 29th Aug 04 at 12:40

to flick the interior light on mate, pull the headlight control out towards you, it should pop out and the interior light will stay on until you pop the control in again :)

as for the light brightness, theres a horizontal control below the headlight switch, rotate that to your right and the dash brightness should increase, rotate to left and it should dim :thumbs:


posted on 29th Aug 04 at 12:39

under the head light switch there is another twiddley knob this is the dimmer switch, play with that and itll make it b=righter


posted on 29th Aug 04 at 12:34

When i start up my car, the lights around the centre (where clocks, temperatures are), the lights are bright enough to read, but when i turn on my headlights, the speedo lights and the centre bit goes very dim. So dim infact that i cannot read what speed im doing when im driving.

Is this a problem with my battery running out?

Also would like to ask, how do you keep the interior light on? because the light only comes on when the doors are open. there is a little round button next to the lights but it does nothing.

can anyone help me?