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Author Raspberry pi folk

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Originally posted by DaveyLC
Why not? If its just monitoring inputs and making decisions it sounds EXACTLY what he should be using

Perhaps for 'middleware' where the Arudino interfaces to external inputs and sends the data on for processing/storage/displaying but that wasn't what Gary was after; rather something that interfaces devices with a nice frontend in one box - to do that with an Arduino would be like pissing in the wind especially as software already exists for *nix platforms and RPi gives you everything you need for 30 (or less if you get away with the 'A' model or 'Zero').

Arduino's have their uses but this isn't one of them, plus it gets expensive once you start adding various shields.

Originally posted by DaveyLC
... therefore a startup and shutdown sequence means its not that useful for logic and sensor based projects...

Bit of a moot point if the device is/needs to be running continuously

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never used mine for kodi much, so put retropie on . really easy and works so well
even ps3 controller works with it

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