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Author Vaxhall Servicing - Repairs - Tuning - Conversions - Diagnostics - Remapping
Warren G

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Vauxhall Servicing

For any make or model, from replacing bulbs to head gaskets, We can do it all!

Work will be carried out, by a fully qualified Vauxhall mechanic (for 5+ years)

All parts used are GM Vauxhall parts (unless requested otherwise)

A basic service consists of the following

Visual - lights checked, All under bonnet levels checked (and corrected if need be) Horn, wipers and washers checked, brakes checked (maybe addition charge if drum are required to be inspected) steering and suspension components checked, underside of car checked with finally a tyre condition check inc pressured corrected

Small service, £69.99:
All of the above,

Intermediate service, £89.99
All of the above, plus oil and filter changed, plus pollen filter and key remote battery

Major service, £149.99
All of the above, plus oil and filter changed, plus pollen filter, key battery, fuel filter, air filter and spark plugs (if applicable)
NOTE: VXR's have different spark plugs and are additional £20 due to costs

Additional Items (Inc Fluids)
Brake fluid change £15
DOT 5.1 Change £30
Antifreeze change £20
Drum brakes removed, cleaned and adjusted £25

Note: Oil used is correct grade for car, all Z code engine from 04 onwards should run 5w30 Grade, and this is what is used (dexos 2)

Vauxhall Diagnostics/Tech 2 Programming

5 years experience working on Vauxhall, you can be trusted the experience will pay off, anyone can read off codes, but if it doesn’t tell them the exact fault - do they know what to do?

We have Vauxhalls TIS200 program to run the correct diag route to your fault, along with all the wiring diagrams and service information. Using the Diag tester, we can read your trouble codes stored by you ECU, we can check the data list of your vehicle to see whats happening, aswell as actutorating sensors to test them.

Initial Diag - Upto Hour and a Half £45

If the fault is not found within the Time, then there will be an additional charge, as it will most likely be not an obvious fault and require further investigation, 9/10 times if will be found or have a very good idea of the problem within the time.

Code Reading/Clearing £10
If for what ever reason, you just want the codes read to you with no diag, or if you wish just to have fault codes cleared (no advise will be given)

Programming Cruise control £20 (supply and fitting is also available)
Programming/resetting ECU's £20
Changing Personal settings £10 (Astra H)
Mileage Correction £30 (Corsa B, Corsa C, Meriva, Tigra B, Astra G, Zafira)
Programming Keys £20
Do to legal reasons, you should only adjust mileage if your clocks have been changed and require the mileage corrected or if you are informing the new owner


Almost anything can be done, but there’s always a cost, whether you want an engine conversion, or some lowering springs done. Or if you just want advice on modications we can advise you in the right direction. Most items will require an arranged price, but always a professional job.

Lowering Springs Only £60
Shocks + Springs £70
Coilover inc Ride height adjustment £85

Front Pads Changed £25
Front Discs + Pads £35
Rear Pads £25
Rear Discs + Pads £35

Brakes change (4 pots etc) £60
Braided lines (all 6) £80

Head light change £25
HID Fitment £30

Clutch/Gearbox £150-£250 (depending on car/engine)
RARB Fitment £30
Poly Bush Front & Rear £80

Turbo Change £130
Camshafts Change £70
Exhaust manifold change £45
FMIC Fitment £120
Precat Decat £30
Backbox change £25
Middle box and back box change £40
System Change £50

Engine Change (like for like) £190-£280 (depending on engine)

Quiafe ATB £130 Labour only (M32)

Timing Chain replacement £250 inc parts (Corsa 1.2/1.4)

Headgasket replacement £250-£350 dependent on engine

Anything not listed Enquire for quote


ECU remapping is the easiest way to extract more drivability, power, torque and economy from modern day vehicles.

Some Info
Remapping is either done via OBD port on your car, or as some cars can’t be flashed through this method, the ecu can be removed and done directly onto the ecu plug pin, or direct onto the motherboard. I have all the expensive tools to do this (£3k+) not the cheap unreliable tools you might find on eBay!

The cost of your ECU remap will vary depending on your vehicle type and what you want to gain from the remap. Many people shop around for a remap based on price alone, and will usually end up getting a poor quality product as a result, ECU remapping is certainly a product that falls under the category of 'you get what you pay for'. As most people have come across the DVD’s on eBay with 100’s of ‘tuned’ map files, which I would never trust on my own car, let alone a customers!

This is why ALL the maps I use and DYNO TESTED and come from well known tuners.

What We Offer

* ECU is covered under warranty if anything was to fault/fail do to something we have done.

* 7 Day money back Guarantee if for what ever reason, you are not happy with the end result

* A Back up of you standard Map, incase you ever need it put back on, this will be free of charge too

* Free Fault code check on vehicle before mapped, to check to make sure no codes, or advice on possible faults that could accure (note – if the car is not running correctly, a remap will not fix this!)

* Visual Check over of engine, (oil level/condition, coolant level, any leaks etc)

* Our map files include the lastest manufacture software upgrades too, the same what vauxhall do when they update your software

* Friendly Service


We offer for some engines, stage/phase maps, and have different maps for different modifications, but here is an examples on otherwise standard engines (stage two on petrels will have other modications)

Corsa VXR Stage One 192bhp - 222bhp/250lbft
Astra VXR Stage One 237bhp - 275bhp/310lbft
Astra Z20LER 170/197bhp – 236bhp/240lbft
Astra GSI Stage One 197bhp - 232bhp/250lbft
Astra GSI Stage Two 197bhp – 255bhp/265lbft
Astra GSI Stage Three 197bhp – 280bhp/300lbft
Astra 1.9 150CDTI Stage One 150bhp - 185bhp/270lbft (Eco Map)
Astra 1.9 150CDTI Stage Two 150bhp - 205bhp/300lbft
Astra 1.9 120CDTI Stage One 120bhp - 170bhp
(All dyno figures are from Dyno Dynamics rolling road)

This is just an example, if your engine isn’t listed it doesn’t mean we don’t do it, PM me for info

We can also offer whats called a DUAL map for the diesel engines with sport buttons, so you can have for example a high power map on the sport button, and with a high torque eco map for off sport button (there is an addition charge for this) Or just with high power map on sports button and standard map off (no addition charge)

We have had reports of people seeing upto 5-9mpg extra on our 1.9 Eco map, this is true increase!

We can also turn sensors off in the map, i.e. the EGR valve in the 1.9 so it is permently shut, remove speed limiters etc


We have a wide selection for different states of tune, i.e. z20let with vxr turbo, vxr afm and injectors etc

Naturally Aspirated typically see’s a 5-8% horse power increase, will pick up better, throttle response and in drive nicer. And see better mpg (if driven correctly!) and can make the most of your modication, if you have any
With any remapped car, turbo's should be anyway, we recommend to run super unleaded, as its whats the car needs to run at its optimum level of performance in all areas.
It is also necessary to keep the engine it good shape, i.e. regular oil changes and decent grade oil to be used. (Same applies to diesels)

The Costs

For the Most cars a remap price is £275, some will be more, some will be less, but all a lot cheaper than your Thorny, Regal and Courtney maps, for the same, if not better!

Heres a few examples

Astra VXR stage 1 £275
Astra 1.9 CDTI £275
Astra Z20LET engines £195
Astra Z18XER/Z16XER £250
Astra Z14XEP £245
Corsa Z16LEL/R £275
Corsa Z1 0/2/4XEP £195

Located SOUTH EAST, KENT post code ME12, Isle of Sheppey

My Contact Details
Email –
Or PM me on here

Facebook Page

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Warren I'm gonn be in touch soon re a few bits new front shocks drop links and a miltek cat back as mine is blowing like a bitch

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