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Author Fitting 6x9's

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1. Stick your hand in to where the old speakers are by taking off the panel on the side of the boot. This simply unclips. Trace using your hand up to the old speakers (aim for the grille and you wil find them!) and you will feel a connector connecting the speaker cable. This will be like a plastic plug. Disconnect it and pull down the speaker wire so you can see it. This can be done by sqeezing the plug and wriggling it out of its connection. Pull the cable out through the hole where your arm has just gone.

2. With the speaker wire in your hand chop the old plug off with some wire cutters. Strip some of the wire back - 1cm or thereabouts and solder on some extra cable so this cable will reach where your 6.9's will be. Tape around the solder with electrical tape to ensure a clean connection.

3. At the other end of this cable strip another 1cm back off the rubber to expose the copper.

4. You need special spaker connectors to connect the the metal 'pins' on your 6.9's. These are 'spade' connectors as they look like mini-spades. You can buy these from Halfords in a little yellow bag. Buy some.

5. Solder on the spade plugs. One large one and one small one. It is important you get the +ive and -ve correct so the speaker moves in the right direction - or it will sound rubbish and may blow.

You can the polarity of the wires by switching the stereo on and temporarily holding the wires onto the speaker - listen to what it sounds like. When your confident there the right way round - ie big spade is on the correct wire then solder the spades to the wire.

With the speaker wiring, blue is +ve and brown is -ve.

6. Slide the spades onto the pins on the 6'9. Do not solder them on incase you wish to disconnect at some point.

7. Tidy up wire and repeat for other side.

You may wish to 'pin' your wire onto the parcel shelf to stop it dangling down. If your confident you may also wish to fit a connection 'plug' so you can easily disconnect the speaker wires if you ever want to remove the parcel shelf. This would save you pulling off the spades from the speaker pins each time.

It is possible to re-fit the plastic covers to each side of the boot and still have the speaker cable coming through. Another option is to drill a small hole near the parcel shelf to run the wirefrom the car to the shelf without it being as visible. This is up to you.

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