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1. Make sure you get all the personal details for the person that you are dealing with i.e. full name, address and phone numbers. Landline numbers are generally easier to trace than mobiles although a mobile number is preferable to only having electronic contact (ie. email/u2u).

2. When paying for goods use the most appropriate method of payment. Collection of items is generally the safest way to exchange money for goods but be aware of your personal safety when doing this. Cheque and electronic transfer (internet banking etc.) are good methods of payment for distance transactions but check people out and donít send money to strangers or those with a bad reputation or outstanding debts.

3. Be patient and communicative. Most disputes and problems are brought about because buyer and seller do not keep each other informed of what is going on. Money does take time to clear and goods take time to arrive. Give reasonable timescales but act if these are not adhered to.

4. If in doubt, ask. The community is close enough that someone may be able to endorse your buyer or seller either through knowing them personally or through having dealings in the past. While this is no direct indication of how good a deal is, it can tell you a lot. Honest people do not mind being questioned.

5. Be aware. We work with members, ISPs and the police to detect and act upon fraudulent transactions but the onus is on you, the buyer or seller, to be at your most vigilant before we ever get involved. If in doubt, do not trade.

6. Only post in advert threads if you are interested in trading. Do not make judgements on price, value or quality of goods. These decisions should be made by buyers. Conversational posts which are not directly related to a sale are not welcome.

6a. Replies are not permitted in the Cars Offered section. Please approach buyers via u2u.


7. New members must have at least 50 posts and have been registered for 30 days before they are able to place adverts. This is not negotiable. Please do not ask.

8. Before posting a for sale advert, check the Wanted forum to see if there are already people after your goods. Before posting a wanted, check the sales.

9. All adverts MUST have a base price included in the advert. Adverts without price will be deleted.

10. Please price your items realistically. While we actively discourage comments on price in accordance with rule 6, replies which are made and need removing will waste staff time.

11. External links have their own forum. Any advert which contains a link with further information elsewhere must be placed in this forum, whether it is a part or entire car. External links are sites like Ebay, Pistonheads, Autotrader and any others which carry a full advert.

Most Importantly

12. Be careful Ė if it looks too good to be true it probably is.

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How do we check how many posts we've made?

Sorry but i couldn't find this information anywhere and it doesn't list your post count on your profile like it normally does.

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Clicking on 'profile' in your post tells you your post count

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Excellent, Cheers!

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