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posted on 25th Feb 12 at 15:01

Heres the graph fromyesterday. Blue line is my stage 1 run they had on file from 2010


posted on 24th Feb 12 at 21:16

Got it mapped today, revo stage 2 file uploaded. Made 172bhp and 266lb ft so over stage 1 and with the addition of turbo back milltek and fmic and new map Iv made 10bhp and 12lb ft. I expected more of a gain on torque so I may talk to revo and see what they say, their other files might just be for hybrid turbo's which Im not wanting to go for


posted on 24th Feb 12 at 15:23

Iv yet to get the rarb but supposed to make a big difference. Unsure if I'll get one or not if im planning selling later in the year. Enjoying the drive so far?


posted on 24th Feb 12 at 15:07

Not too much really, doing 500+ miles a week in it so just attempting to keep it in good condition :lol: Might get a RARB and front strut brace, maybe some coilovers.


posted on 23rd Feb 12 at 20:51

Originally posted by ChrisBoom
Looks mint! Have you had any hassle with the plate on the front? Was thinking about getting a 3/4 for mine.

Nothing in over a year, neithers a mate from elgin who's got one on aswell. Do it :thumbs:
Got any plans for yours bud?


posted on 23rd Feb 12 at 19:35

Looks mint! Have you had any hassle with the plate on the front? Was thinking about getting a 3/4 for mine.


posted on 23rd Feb 12 at 17:42

2 x new toyo proxe t1's on the front today. Local tyre place is now a toyo dealer rather than falken so thought id give them a go. Heard their good but soft? See how they cope with the stage 2 remap tomorrow then :lol:
Front end feels much better after new bushes, alignment and now new tyres to replace the part worns, car felt horrible and floaty.
Will be back this time tomorrow with a re graph gopefully!


posted on 21st Feb 12 at 21:51

Iv got a vid I need to upload off my phone Simon, although I dont think you can hear it very good :lol:

Found out Revo can do a stage 2 so Im going for this (60) as Im planning selling later this year and will strip it to standard before selling aswell. Didnt want to spend 400 on a custom map, but didnt want all the mods iv done for stage 2 go to waste :lol:
Heres some shots I took today, first proper time out with the DSLR


posted on 13th Feb 12 at 20:20

Originally posted by Simon_16v
Looks good mate, i miss my old ibiza fr. Do you have any videos of what the exhaust sounds like? Brother is contemplating buying one for his fr

Havent got any but Im sure I can sort one out


posted on 13th Feb 12 at 19:52

Looks good mate, i miss my old ibiza fr. Do you have any videos of what the exhaust sounds like? Brother is contemplating buying one for his fr


posted on 13th Feb 12 at 19:00

Bought and fitted 20mm Eibach wheel spacers last week. Something Iv been meaning to do for a long time, but I had 1 buggered wheel bolt thread at the rear so was waiting until I replaced the hub and had 5 good threads before fitting spacers.

Heres some before and after pics. Cars in need of a good polish and wax and some decent pics now Iv got myself a DSLR and havent tried it out properly yet.




posted on 10th Feb 12 at 17:36

Wee update over the past 6 months.

Cars now got a full milltek turbo back (non resonated) exhaust and decat fitted. Got plans for a stage 2 jabbasport remap which is on hold as Im currently waiting for a new build house so all my moneys going into savings for that. Plus im nearing a 60k service and cambelt so want to have that done before hand aswell.
Also had cupra wishbone bushes as the standard ones are gash and cause alignment problems, had another full geometry setup by clark motorsport so hopefully no more uneven tyre wear
Changed my green panel filter for a Jabbasport "cone in box". Unsure if its given any gains but not overly fussed. Set of eibach 20mm rear spacers arrived today so fitting them tonight.
Some pics from the past few months :


posted on 2nd Jul 11 at 03:56

Haven't updated this in a while, Ibizas had a few changes, mainly in the past 2 months

Firstly was a Seat Sport FMIC and Forge hose kit. Intercooler was bought off ebay, hadn't really planned to fit one until I was bored offshore during my birthday and decided to treat myself. Few pics of during fitting it, had to take a grinder to some plastic parts behind the bumper, was a tight fit

And before I took it for a test run before fitting the bumper

Next up I decided to replace the noisy clutch release bearing iv had for ages, and also felt a bit of a shudder through the car when coming on boost in 6th which my guess was the dual mass flywheel. So next ordered was a Sachs uprated clutch kit, DMF, new release bearing and a Super Pro polyureathane mount for the lower engine mount. Got this all fitted a few weeks ago by a local garage, didnt fancy attempting it myself. Spendings now stopped for a while I reckon as im saving for a deposit for a house, although next will probably be a Milltek exhaust and then a custom stage 2 remap to make the most of all the mods :) Hoping for around 180 - 190 bhp and 330lb ft of torque when the time comes.

Wheels are starting to be in need of a refurb but they'll do for now, not overly fussed about them and dont know whether to refurb or get a set of BBS CH reps

Also fitted some Team Heko wind deflectors the other week, just a small mod :)

Next up will be a good wash, de-tar, clay, glaze, polish and wax in the next few weeks if I get a chance as its been neglected lately and just been getting a quick wash


posted on 19th Feb 11 at 19:51

Standard clutches are rated to 300lb/ft :). Mine has been remapped since i bought it 18months ago and mine has 270lb/ft and had no problems with clutches.

All i can say about lowering although im sure you will be aware is the clearance of the engine tray to the ground!


posted on 19th Feb 11 at 00:57

Originally posted by ChrisBoom
Looking good :cool:

Mental price for that stupid wee hose too :!

Aye its shite, needs must though :(

Why the cant use a normal jubilee clip setup I dont know. Anymore problems
il go fmic as im nae forking out anymore! 600 for intercooler brackets and hose kit I priced up


posted on 19th Feb 11 at 00:55

Its a revo stage 1 so relatively safe map and its book figure is 170bhp and 280lb ft. Just a generic map. Still on standard clutch so im happy with that. Goes well enough :) if i wanted custom I would have to drive over 500miles and generic was on my doorstep and an offer

I find the coilovers perfect, not any harsher over the standard set up. Mines not set that low, will be taking it down a bit further in the next few months hopefully


posted on 18th Feb 11 at 23:43

Looking good :cool:

Mental price for that stupid wee hose too :!


posted on 18th Feb 11 at 16:15

Love it, swear the power figures are quite low after the map? Or did you choose a safe map?

How did you find those coilovers? I have been looking for a second hand pair for about 2 months. Cannot find them anywhere!


posted on 17th Feb 11 at 18:01

Decided to change the front a bit in November and fitted a 3/4 sized front plate from along with some 6k HID's :) Few pics below

Then I decided to take it off the road for winter as I needed a dent fixed on the front wing and decided to get the whole front end resprayed and didnt want it getting chipped again from gritters. Purchased a 400 astra mk4 1.6 ls that saw me through no problem, fine having a car that goes anywhere and can jump into it wearing my boilersuit and take the dog

Now the ibizas back on the road, iv got a LCR splitter to fit and the coilovers to wind down slightly ;)
Also topped up my cleaning supplies and planning having a good day at it this week and keeping on top of it. Got some poorboys natty blue wax and menzerna 203s polish to add once my existing has run out.

When I got it back on the road had a boost leak due to intercooler elbow coming off, refitted it and it still came away slightly with revvin it so decided to replace it. 96 from my local VW! TPS was 80 but a 120 mile round trip
Hopefully have some pics up this week with it gleaming :) and maybe a lcr splitter in a few weeks and sitting lower :) may even purchase some BBS CH's in the summer

Some pics of the smallest, most expensive hose iv came across


posted on 17th Feb 11 at 17:58

After trawling for a project thread turns out I never started one :lol:

Owned the ibiza since Summer 2008 and it stayed standard for quite a while which was the initial plan :lol:

Here it is when I bought it

First thing was fitting my Alpine ipod headunit like so :

Red backlight fits in well with the red backlight of the dials and heater controls :)

I decided to take advantage of Revo's spring offer back in April 2010 and got a stage 1 remap for 300 all in. Transformed the car and made me want to keep it. Also had a green panel filter fitted and PD 160 intake before the remap.

Some pics with new private plate fitted and a good wash, polish and wax :)

Pic were after a claybar, auto glym super resin x 2 and a meguiars stage 3 carnuba wax

Next up I came across a set of AP coilovers from a Polo on ebay and won them for 125. I fitted them and at the same time I fitted new droplinks and top mounts and bearings and it got treated to some new standard discs and some Ferrodo DS2500 front pads

Some pics from during and after fitting them

Had 2 weeks off work recently so got cracking fitting all the bits id gathered over the past month which were

AP coilovers
New top mounts and bearings
New drop links
Ferrodo DS2500 pads
New discs

Coilover fitting went smooth enough, started with the harder drivers side first thankfully, pass side seemed a doddle after that. It did help that I was replacing the discs too though, which meant after jacking the shock up with a shock and wood I could batter F***k out the discs to release the shock from the hub. Seemed the easiest way :tup:

Coilovers had been buffed down and coated with dry film lube at work then copper greased before I fitted them so they looked spot on :tup:

Set them slightly under half way, with 55m of thread left below the adjuster ring and its seemed to work quite well and im happy with it! The back is screwed all the way down, thinking about taking out the adjuster cups to get it lower but dont want it to end up too low in comparison to the front. Still got the standard shocks on the back as the kit only had 1 AP rear shock, and I haven't forked out 87 for a rear shock from AP yet

Happy with how everything is, although theres a slight creak from 1 shock when I pushed down on the wing this morning, but wasnt like that this afternoon. Also seems to be a slight noise when I first start driving then stops? And I cant say the ride is much harsher than standard :D

Heres some pics, although back does look high in the pics. pics were taken a day or 2 after so should have settled.

Dog was fed up watching!

Back in November last year I went to a rolling road night at Wallace performance with the scottish section off SCN. Happy with the results, although wouldve liked more torque but it is only stage 1 and a clutch friendly remap

Also forgot to add I had it on the rolling road at wallace performance with some guys from the Scottish section on here :)
Made 162bhp and 254lb ft, wouldve liked more torque but pulls well enough so im happy :) pulled all the way to 4k too!

Some graphs

[Edited on 25-02-2012 by Mertin]